Dear Joshua,

I have felt heavy solar plexus activity for 4 years. Recently, every morning that I arrive for work, I feel these butterflies and set an intention to work through any blocks there. The next three days, I felt as if I had a stomach virus as far as symptoms go. I woke up with a headache today, but totally blissed out within. While I was at work, I had two out of body experiences. I was there in the moment and then suddenly I felt as if had just returned into my body and had been gone a while, both times. I wonder where am I going? I have had a strong sense of my life being about to change. Is it? Thank you for any guidance!


Dear Stacey,

Your life changes in every moment. It changes a billion times per second. It is always changing and will never stop changing. Each moment is unique and actually quite different from the next. There is a universal law called the Law of Continuity, which states that one moment flows into the next. What you perceive in this moment will be similar to what you perceive in the next moment, even though the two moments are very different. What you are interested in in this lifetime carries over with you to the nonphysical. One thing flows into the next thing.

All change is significant and valid. A small change is just as significant as a large change. It’s just that from your level of perception, some changes appear larger than others.

Your vibration informs your reality. Change your vibration and your reality slowly starts to change. What may seem as a big change for you is really just a transformation occurring based on your newer and higher vibrational signal. However, if something is coming your way, and you feel it, it means that you are crossing a threshold into another reality. This is actually what is happening when you change.

This moment seems like the last moment, but it is a different reality. Things are different in this reality compared to the last reality or the last moment, it’s just that the differences seem to be imperceptible. You are wired as a physical being to fill in the blanks. You are operating at a surface level. Go beneath the surface and everything about this moment is really quite different. The Law of Continuity makes it appear as if everything is the same.

So what is the point of all this? Change is change whether it’s big or small. You are constantly changing in and out of new realities based on the vibration you are emitting. Change your vibration and the quality of your experience changes. Do something differently and you enter a new reality. Hold a new set of beliefs and your vibration shifts so that you enter a reality that matches your beliefs. It’s really quite simple if you think about it.

If you want to change because it’s exciting, then big change can happen for you. If you are blissed out, feeling good, and appreciating life, the you will enter the state of allowing and from this stance, you will receive all that you want even if you don’t really know what it is you want. However, if you want change because you do not like the conditions of your life, then the conditions might change but your set of beliefs will remain the same and eventually the new conditions will seem like the old conditions you did not like.

All change is good because it exposes you to more expansive opportunities. However, if you want change because you don’t like something about your life, you are missing the message in the conditions. Until you receive that message and alter your judgment on that subject, nothing can really change. All change takes place on the inside before it is reflected on your outer world.