Dear Joshua,

In the relationship meditation, you say that we love the essence of who everyone truly is in the non physical. This makes me wonder… how are we differentiated, or individual in non-physical? How am I myself and my husband himself when we don’t have bodies? Do we blend together completely or do we keep a vibrational stamp that is uniquely our own in the non-physical as well?


Dear Sirgun,

Individuality is useful and has a purpose in the physical realm. It allows you to take a journey of self-discovery. In the physical, you come in as the essence of who you truly are. You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are perfect. Along the way, you adopt some limiting beliefs. You forget who you truly are and you create a persona, which tries to define your physical form. As you process your limiting beliefs, you rediscover who you truly are. This is the exploration that can be conducted in the physical realm.

In the nonphysical, you adopt no limiting beliefs and so you exist in a state of transparency and authenticity. You emit a vibration, which contains every aspect of who you are and you freely share that information. You have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to fear. You are fully loved and accepted, because you cannot provoke fear in other nonphysical beings. Individuality is possible, but not useful in the nonphysical. Therefore, you freely blend with others. You blend with those in your soul group as well as with those who have similar interests; all simultaneously. If you were to separate yourself as an individual, it would be simultaneous to the blending you enjoy with others. In fact, you, as an inner being to your physical selves, exist in all realms simultaneously. You are focused here and there, all at the same time, since time is an illusion.

What you would call “yourself’ is blended with countless others. While they can perceive you as an individual, it is not necessary or valuable. It is not a “thing” as you might say. The judgment of the individual can only exist where fear exists. Since there is no fear in the nonphysical, there is no judgment and therefore, no need to be or feel anything other than true oneness. In the nonphysical, you would consider yourself to be one with your husband, and all those in your soul group, as well as All That Is. It is truly the experience of Oneness.

Imagine an ocean. You exist in a cloud above the ocean as water vapor. Eventually you become a raindrop and exist as an individual as you fall from the sky. You are reunited with the other individual drops as you hit the ocean. Are you still an individual drop in a vast sea of other drops? Were you ever an individual drop as you existed in the clouds? Were you really separate as you fell as rain from the sky? Your individuality is an illusion. It is necessary to the exploration of life you intended to live. But soon enough, you will merge with the great ocean of Oneness and never perceive yourself to be anything other than the ocean itself.

With our love,
We are Joshua/p>