Dear Joshua,

How do we perceive a “raised” vibration audibly? Is it louder? Higher in pitch? Richer in timbre?


Dear Sirgun,

You perceive a raised vibration audibly by understanding the words you are speaking, the tone in your voice and the ease with which they are said. You realize a higher vibration by the quality of thoughts you are attracting. You see a raised vibration in the colors and sights that are beautiful to you. You perceive a raised vibration in the tastes of the foods, the aromas in the air and the tactile sensations that give you joy. A raised vibration in the terms of that which you are asking, is a spiritual thing. It is an approach to life. It is a way of being. It is the essence of who you really are.

When we speak of spiritual vibration, it is the essence of this system of physical reality. You hold a vibration and physical reality reflects back to you the image or feeling of what you are vibrating in the conditions that are formed around you. One vibration might be higher than another and so the reality that is formed is different, but it is not better or worse. This is a perfect system where there is no wrong, only that which you prefer or not. Since it is up to you to choose what you prefer, you can intentionally create a vibration that matches what you prefer. Do you know how to intentionally create a vibration to match what you want? This is the great question.

If you want a million dollars in your bank account, is that achieved through a high or low vibration? You might assume it is created from a high vibration and that would depend on your perspective. What is high to you might be low to someone else. It has to do with your beliefs. You could be desperate for money and do something to get the money, and we would say that desperation ins a fear-based stance and so this is a lower vibration. You could pursue your passion in full acceptance of what is and the money might flow as a side effect to allow you to explore certain aspects of your passion in greater detail. Since passions are based in love, then this would be a high vibrational position. If your goal was to make a million dollars so that you could feel secure, this idea would be based in fear and so the corresponding vibration is low.

Who you really are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. If you lived this truth now, you would exist at a high vibration. What would you attract from this point of focus? You would attract all the things you intended to attract prior to your birth. You would express your love and acceptance to yourself, all others and all conditions. You would experience abundance and freedom, you would expand in joy though experiences, you would also explore some aspect of physical reality in more detail. This would be your soul’s purpose. If you removed fear, you would vibrate at a very high level. If you removed all the things you think you want, you would have less fear. If you were able to fully accept what is happening in the moment, you would unlock the limitless nature of who you really are. Those are examples of a high vibration.

The higher notes on a keyboard may resonate at a higher vibration, but they are not better or worse than the lower notes. They are equal. A higher spiritual vibration is not better or worse than a lower one. They are equal. The vibration of love is not superior to the vibration of fear, they are simply different vibrations. The choice is always yours. You can choose the vibration. You can act in love and faith or fear and doubt. Either way you are exploring and expanding. Since you have already explored enough to determine your preferences, you can now choose the vibration that works for you.

With our love,
We are Joshua