Dear Joshua,

I have this teacher who has an attitude like he’s "all that" and let’s just say that no one out of all his classes would mind if he drowned in some freak boating accident. He assigned our class a ton of homework over the weekend and I am very reluctant to do it. I got assigned about the same amount last week that I completed and received a B for what I thought was A-level work. So that makes me not want to do it this time around if I am not going to get full credit for my effort. I feel as if I would be rewarding my teachers behavior if I did the homework. I would much rather go to the movies with my friends or go look at motorcycles with my dad this weekend instead of being tortured with homework. The english department’s policy, as my teacher claims, is zero tolerance for late work. So if I do the homework, it will 1) take away from my free time and 2) I might receive an undeserved grade. But if I don’t do it, it will greatly impact my overall grade, which I don’t want to happen either. So Joshua, should I do my homework?


Dear Sienna,

What a fun question. It is wonderful that you have the presence of mind to think about this condition you find yourself in before deciding what to do. We will explain what we would do if we were in your physical position. We will talk about the situation from our broader perspective. There is a lot to consider, so we are going to be a bit general in our answer and we hope we will cause you to look at the situation from our perspective.

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. You cannot do wrong, you cannot get it wrong, and your teacher is not wrong either. From your teacher’s perspective, he is acting in exactly the way he thinks will cause the greatest benefit to you. Believe it or not, he has your best interests at heart. He is just not very good at showing it.

Your teacher wants to alter the conditions he finds himself in. Look at it from his perspective. He does not feel good in the manner of this educational system. He wants to be so much more effective than he is. He believes that by forcing you to do so much work at such a high level, that you will perform. He wants his students to be different than they are. However, all you want to do is rebel against his techniques in order to change his approach to education. You want him to be different too.

Here’s what we have to say. None of it matters. You are old enough now to have established the basis of what you want out of life. You have developed a sense of who you are and you are emitting a vibration. You could not fail this class if you wanted to. It would not be possible given who you are and your current set of beliefs. If you chose not to do the homework, you would find the repercussions so unpleasant that you would never miss another assignment. We think you already know this. If you care about your grades, you have already set a course for your future.

You are a vibrational match to this teacher and while you find his methods harsh and unproductive, there is a reason he is in your life. While you believe that all of your classmates also oppose his style, what you would find, if you researched it deeply, is that most don’t care that much. He affects your reality in a certain way that is necessary for your expansion. He will cause you to alter your beliefs so that you can move closer to who you really are.

Whenever you experience negative emotion, you are uncovering a limiting belief and a fear that is at the basis of that belief. Your fear is that he is robbing you of your precious free time and that he has the power to negatively affect your future by giving you a grade you don’t deserve. None of this is true, therefore your belief is limiting.

No teacher (or parent, or love interest, or peer, or anyone else) has the power to create in your reality. You allow them to affect how you feel and that influences you to adopt certain limiting beliefs. But if you stop and analyze the situation, you will come to realize that the only thing that matters is the clarity of your focus on what you really want.

So, now it’s time to ask yourself what you really want and why you want it. You came to physical reality with certain intentions. Most of these intentions were general in nature such as to experience joy, freedom, love, expansion, happiness, abundance, success, etc. One or more intentions were more specific. These come to you in the form of interests which lead to passion.

What interests you might be far different from what interests your parents or friends. Your interests might seem strange to others. They might be unconventional, but if you find something interesting, then it is important for you to pursue that interest until you find your passion. You may be very passionate about something right now. That passion will lead to other interests and passions as you evolve and expand in this lifetime and the next. If you can keep pursuing your passions without caring what others think, you’ll live a life of bliss. It rarely matters what grades you get in school when you finally find your true passion. Interest sparks a unique ability to learn what you need to know when you need to know it. Most of what you will learn in your school will be forgotten. Therefore, from our perspective, school does not matter when you are forced to learn about things that hold no interest for you. When and if you need to know that information someday, you’ll be interested and you’ll have a much easier and enjoyable time learning. You have the internet, why do you need teachers?

Now, the more important aspect of your question has to deal with your conditions. You are in this class for a reason. When you want to change the conditions so you’re making them wrong. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, your judgment that your teacher is wrong is not helping you. From this point forward, it is important to realize that there is something in the conditions you need to understand. Allow the teacher to be right. Allow everyone to be right. It is all happening for you, rather than to you. Accept that it can’t be happening if it’s not for your growth. You might not be able to see the benefit, just trust that it’s there and do not resist what is happening. Lean into it with cheerful grace and when your emotions feel bad, look for a reason to feel good. Appreciate what you like in your life. This is the key to life, believe it or not.

We have told you more than you’re able to understand. Please ask us more questions whenever the inspiration strikes and we will be delighted to share our perspective.

You are doing wonderfully and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your life will unfold in ways that you cannot imagine if you will simply ease up on yourself just a little.