Dear Joshua,

I had this manifestation event that made me so mad that I had tears in my eyes. That hasn’t happened in a long time so it must be pretty big. So here it is: At work, we started this new thing where one of the staff members has to check the bathrooms every hour to make sure that they are tidy and everything is replenished. So last week one of my co-workers asked me to check the bathrooms. I told them I needed to do something first and then I would do it. So when I got around to doing it, there was nothing to be done (meaning there was enough toilet paper and paper towels etc).

I didn’t think anything of it because it is not uncommon for the bathrooms to not need anything within an hour if we are not busy. Then one of the servers, who is much older than I am, came up to me and asked if I checked the bathrooms and I told her that I did. She asked me when, and I told her, "I just did it like five seconds ago." She responded in a snippy tone "Oh, you mean like right after I cleaned it?" I said something like, "Oh…ya…I guess so" with a confused look on my face. I was mostly confused by her demeanor – (why was she berating me about this? It’s not like I purposely didn’t check the bathrooms so that someone else had to do it.)

Then she asked me if I even knew how to clean the bathrooms. I said yes. She tested me and asked me what was involved in cleaning the bathrooms. (This was not helping my anger level.) I answered correctly and she gave me a mean look and walked off. I was just replaying this event over in my mind for about five minutes after it occurred and was fighting the urge to either go punch her in the face or cry. I felt like she thought I wasn’t capable enough to take care of a couple bathrooms which made me mad. This made me wonder if that is how I came across to everyone else at my workplace. However, I knew that if I kept going down this path my night shift would not go well so I tried to change my vibration and get back to a positive place. Luckily, it went smoothly for the rest of the night so that was good, but I was wondering if you could shed some light on this so that I can feel better about this.

Thank you so much,

Dear Sienna,

Whenever you feel emotion either positive or negative, you’re uncovering a belief. If it’s a positive emotion such as joy, fun, goosebumps, excitement, etc., you’ve uncovered a beneficial belief based in love and this indicates that the way you are thinking about the subject perfectly aligns with who you really are and what you really want. On the other hand, when you encounter something and feel negative emotion, you’ve just come across a limiting belief based in fear. The belief is out of alignment with who you really are and what you really want and the belief itself is not true. That is the most important thing we want to share with you. When you uncover the specific belief that causes you to feel negative emotion, that belief is false.

You are wise enough to understand that this manifestation event occurred so that you might uncover one or more limiting beliefs. The event itself did not present itself to hurt you or make you upset. You simply judge the specifics of the event (the woman’s accusatory tone, her demeanor, her attitude, etc.) as wrong. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, everything she did and said must have been right. Now we totally understand that this is extremely hard for you to comprehend. How could she be right? She certainly was wrong. She didn’t understand that you had just come from the bathroom. Yet, for you to realize the limiting belief that you hold, and to diminish the intensity of that belief so you you may move in the direction of what’s wanted, you must understand that this event and her actions were absolutely right because they were done to help you (and her as well).

Let’s go back to the event and see what it was all about. The cleaning of the bathrooms is something new. This is not a job you like and you really don’t think you or any of the servers should be doing it. It’s not that you’re too good to clean bathrooms, but really, shouldn’t someone else be doing it? You’re handling customer’s food. You should not be in the bathrooms during a shift. Couldn’t the dishwasher or someone else do this job? This is the essence of your vibration. Now your co-creative partner in all this has a similar but slightly different perspective. She also doesn’t think she should be cleaning bathrooms. But when she looks at you, she feels less worthy herself. She sees you as someone who should not be cleaning bathrooms while she sees herself as someone who cannot escape cleaning bathrooms and it makes her feel bad about herself.

As she approaches you, she feels as if she is less worthy than you. This is her limiting belief and it is not true because as we know, all are equally worthy. Her belief about herself is limiting and it is false. Can you see that? She feels negative emotion, she pays attention to you, the one she feels less worthy than, and in her efforts to feel better, she tries to bring you down by berating you about the bathrooms specifically. Since she too is a being of love, she might feel a little better at first, but after she’s had time to think about it, she’ll feel even worse about herself for being mean to you.

What about the limiting belief(s) you are holding in regard to this manifestation event? What was there for you to discover about yourself in relation to your co-creative partner? She said something and you judged her words in a way that created strong negative emotion within you. What is the fear at the basis of your limiting belief? Let’s look at who you really are. You are a confident being of love. That’s who you are. You are moving toward this every day. When you deny this fact, you feel negative emotion because your inner self is not agreeing with you in the moment.

How would a confident being of love act in this situation? Think about it for a moment. If you were who you really are in that moment, would you feel negative emotion? Could this woman say anything to you to cause you to feel bad? It would not be possible. That’s because you would understand that her anger was her issue and you would feel compassion, not guilt. You understand that no matter how you behave, she must go through what she’s going through in order to reach higher levels of consciousness and vibration. You would see that immediately so your first thought would not be “Did I do something wrong” or “I hope she doesn’t think I’m a bad person,” it would be “How can I convey love in this situation?”

As you grow and expand, you will start to become more aware. One of the greatest advantages of knowing how this environment of physical reality works is knowing that all are equally worthy, all are absolutely unique, and all have completely different perspectives based on their unique lives and unique paths. So for this woman to be upset and lash out at you was not wrong. For her, based on her unique perspective, it was the way she instinctively thought would make her feel better. That’s sort of like how you thought it would make you feel better to punch her. From a low emotional state of being, you receive instinctual urges to lash out in an attempt to feel better. In a high emotional state of being, because your aligned with your inner self, you receive inspiration to act that is in alignment with who you really are and what you really want. You can feel the difference between the two and that’s why you chose to let it go and move into a higher vibration.

When you can see the other person’s perspective, you will understand the motive behind their actions. When you plan out how you will portray a character in a play, you do the same thing. You look at their life from their perspective and then their actions make sense. Without understanding your character’s perspective, you could not play the part. When someone appears angry with you, it’s their issue that they are trying to resolve and you are playing an important role in their manifestation event. If you feel negative emotion, then you also have something to gain from the event. However, when you can act with confident love in the middle of an event and look at the subject from the other person’s perspective, you will feel joy. This will be your indication that you have embraced a highly beneficial belief. The beneficial and true belief is that you are a confident and powerful being based in love. Which is exactly who you really are.

You are loved more than you can imagine.