Dear Joshua,

I had a car accident. The Manifestation Event: Car accident (I rear ended a vehicle). I pulled up over a hill to stopped traffic and I rear ended the car in front of me.

Is it wrong: No I do truly believe that there is no wrong and that this did happen FOR me.

How is it FOR me: I am not sure how this was actually for me. I do see that it did bring up a “victim” mentality that I did try to push through. I didn’t have the complete “why me” attitude, but I did have an overwhelming feeling all of yesterday.

Any help here is appreciated,

Dear Shelle,

Everything that happens in your reality is for your growth and expansion. There are no accidents, nothing is random, there is no luck involved. If an event occurred in your reality, then that event is part of your growth and expansion. How have you benefitted from this particular manifestation event? The fullness of it may always elude you. You might never know exactly how all of the components worked for your benefit. All you know is how you felt during the event.

What was the feeling of the event? What was the specific emotion? You mentioned that you felt like a victim. Maybe this is true to some extent, but since you were the subject of the event, we believe there is more to this. The idea that something happens to you is in alignment with victimhood. But you have already reconciled this notion. You no longer believe that to be true. You fundamentally believe that you are the creator of your reality. Yet, if you were the creator of your reality, would you have manifested this event? Certainly you would, because you know that something in this event is for your direct benefit and growth.

You cannot know how this will all unfold. You might ponder the idea that this event could have been avoided. Maybe you should have been paying more attention. Maybe you should have taken a different route. However, these ideas come from a perception that it would have been better to avoid this accident altogether. If you would have done that, you would have missed an event that was created for your growth. You would have short-circuited your own expansion. You certainly do not want to do that.

And so now you accept that this event happened for you, although you do not know exactly how. You have faith that maybe one day the full extent of the event will be known to you. But you need not know any more than you already know. You are playing with ideas of creation. What does it mean to be the creator of your reality? It means that your role as creator is to accept everything that happens. It’s not the idea that you must make things happen. You need not set goals and achieve them. The opposite is true. All you need to do is maintain your alignment and you will be led to the expansion you desire. If you think any single event is wrong, you’ve just uncovered a limiting belief.

In this case, the limiting belief might be that you should only create what you would call positive events and avoid all negative events. However, that is not creating, that is controlling. You are moving out of your old approach to life where you had to control things. This approach is based in fear. You do not want to control anything. You do not want to see anything as wrong. All you want to do is maintain your alignment in the full and absolute acceptance of what is. If what is is a car accident, then so be it. It will not pull you out of alignment. In alignment, your vibration is altered from such an event.

The alteration was necessary for you to become who you truly are. Therefore, the event was right and good and you can be satisfied that it was part of your powerful and important journey of self discovery. See it from that perspective and you will become a wonderful, positive, and amazing creator of the life you truly desire.

With our love,
We are Joshua