Dear Joshua,

My question for Joshua as of right now is what is the next step for me at this time; I feel that this course is a very important step for me, and is there anything else that I can do now that will be beneficial?

I’m getting a lot of inspiration and ideas for moving forward in my life, even though I don’t know the how yet, I have a vision of what I want for myself. There’s fear that comes up, of course, and it’s pushing past the fear regarding certain feelings of lack that is the hardest part.

Thank you,

Dear Sara,

The best way to prepare for your future is to place yourself smack dab in the present moment. The future is always an illusion because it’s seen from your current perspective, which is a bit limited. As you expand through the experiences of your life, you raise your vibration and your perspective. You will become more aware. You will understand yourself, all other people and the world around you from a higher perspective with each passing moment. In order to ready yourself for whatever the future will bring, you must ground yourself in the present moment.

How does one ground themselves in the present moment? By focusing on all the good that exists now, rather than the lack of what you perceive you need to be happy. This time in your life will only occur once. Relish it. You will not have very strong and accurate memories of this time. So it’s best to live them fully now. It does not matter what you think you lack, because that is an illusion. There is no such thing as lack. Lack is always an illusion. Stop looking outside yourself in order to find what’s missing. Start looking inside to find what exists there now. You have talents and attributes that will emerge as soon as you stop your resistance to what is. Those talents and special attributes exist now, but you cannot fully see them. You will see them soon enough. Just know that they exist now.

You are currently focusing on lack (lack of money, lack of love, lack of passion, lack of fulfillment, lack of progress, lack of purpose), but there never is actual lack. It’s simply the false perception of lack. You do not need to be loved, you simply need to express your love and acceptance of yourself, all others, and the world around you. You do not need to find your passions and purpose in this moment. You need to move through certain experiences in order to allow these things to be revealed to you. You cannot simply manifest everything all at once. You would not know what to do with these things.

You must find a way to enjoy the delightful unfolding of your life. It really is all about the journey and is never about the destination. The final destination is also an illusion. Yes, you have been programmed by your society to chase the carrot on the stick. You believe that the things you want to make you feel happy exist outside of you. If you really want to prepare for the bootcamp, take the next few weeks to fully explore your current life, because this life will be replaced with another life. That future life is not better or worse, it’s simply clearer. You will not become an improved version of yourself, since you are perfect as you are now. You will simply gain a new perspective on yourself. You will simply understand more. You will learn how to focus your attention on the subjects that bring you joy and bliss in the moment and you will think less about the future.

Your perception that anything is lacking is actually dictated by your current approach to life. It’s a form of control. It is not effective since it is based in fear and does not align with who you really are or how this system of physical reality is organized. It is the approach of a victim. In essence, you want all the things you think you want in order to feel more secure and safe. The irony is that you have all the security you will ever need right now.

No, you will never overcome the feelings of fear, doubt and negative emotion. These are feelings you do not want to eradicate, since they are your guidance and you will come to appreciate them. Negative emotion simply indicates resistance. You want to live a life of far less resistance and far more love. You will learn how to ease your resistance and this will allow your talents and beneficial attributes to emerge.

Prior to this bootcamp, you have a certain unique perception of reality and a limited perspective based on who you think you are now. After the bootcamp, you will perceive your reality in a totally new way. You will have a much higher and broader perspective. You will see yourself from a new angle. You will increase your appreciation of all things, all people and especially yourself. You will notice even more inspiration and you will know what to do next. All of this is in store for you in just a few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this version of Sara, because you will never be like this ever again.

With our love,
We are Joshua