Dear Joshua,

I understand the concept of us originating from heaven (and heaven being a state of being as opposed to a place). And my understanding is that when we return to non-physical, we will meet up with all of those loved ones who are already there. But then I get confused. Your teachings explain to us that when we choose to come back again into physical, the same souls surround us (as different people) and so we are always together. We spend multiple physical lifetimes together, in different carnations and with different relationships to and with one another. But if a loved one (say a grandparent or a baby) has returned to non-physical before us, how can they be there waiting in non-physical to greet us? Maybe they have already chosen to reincarnate into physical? In which case could it be that our grandparents’ souls came back to us through our children? This is all very complicated. I am starting to confuse myself and probably way overthinking it. It’s just hard to understand how we can all be together and interacting with one another from two different planes at the same time!

Thank you, as ever.

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for your question which we are certain confuses many other people as well. There are two things we would like to share with you here. The first is that while you are focused here in physical reality, the larger part of you, we call this your inner self, remains focused in the nonphysical. The second part of the story is that you are eternally tied with far more souls than you can imagine. This is why we often end our answers with the phrase “You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.”

Let’s imagine that there are two planes of existence; physical and nonphysical. Let’s further imagine that while you are focused here in the physical, the larger part of you remains nonphysically focused. Also, when you sleep, you return to nonphysical and when you die, you return to nonphysical. When you are fully focused in nonphysical after your death, you are primarily interested in what’s going on here on Earth. You are interested in the physical lives of your friends and family and the work you did while on Earth.

So, no matter whether you are physically focused, as you are now, or you’re nonphysically focused, as you will be when you make your transition, you are always both here and there, both physical and nonphysical. It’s simply your current and limited perception of reality that causes you to perceive that the two worlds are separated. They are not. You are always moving from one dimension to the other, back and forth.

From your nonphysical position prior to entering another physical life, you set some intentions. Most of these intentions are general in nature and one or more are more specific. There might be a certain aspect of physical reality you would like to explore. Let’s say that this time around you would like to explore a certain style of motherhood. You want to know what it’s like to have a certain number of children and also have other interests and passions. Prior to embarking on this adventure, you choose your parents, the time and place of your birth, and your siblings. You also decide who of all the souls you are eternally connected to will come in as your children. You see it’s not the same souls over and over. You are in a group of many, many souls and you interact in different ways in each lifetime. In one life, your mother was your best friend and in another was your boss and in another was your husband’s brother, and so on. And everyone you know (as well as many you do not know in this life) are eternally tied to you.

While you are mostly physically focused in the life you are living right now, there are countless souls eternally tied to you and fully aware of you and are interested and actively participating in your life. You could call them spirit guides, but they are more like close friends who are encouraging you and communicating with you at all times.

The only reason you have any difficulty with this notion is due to your limited, linear perception of time and your inability to understand the vast numbers involved. It will all make sense when you make your transition. However, just know that you are eternally linked to every single person you know and no one is more important to you than any other. You feel as if your children’s souls are more tied to you than your neighbor’s, but this is just not the case. All are considered equal from your nonphysical perspective because all are loved by you and love you equally.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.