Dear Joshua & Laurel,

I do have a question. Kind of a sudden realisation really. My vibration has taken a huge jump this year. Lots of amazing things happening and it’s all quite surreal but great. It’s the ideas I’ve been playing with manifesting and they are really giving me goosebumps. More money flowing in than ever before, more opportunities to travel. That kind of stuff. Suddenly my frustration with friends who seemingly can’t be arsed to stay in touch has softened too and it’s like ‘I get it!’. We aren’t a vibrational match! We’ve gradually been pulling apart for a long time. It’s not them not being arsed, it’s actually me getting myself up to speed with my desires. We’re on different wavelengths, that’s all!

I watched my first Teal Swan podcast the other day and she reconfirmed exactly this idea… that nothing is lost and we mustn’t fear this apparent step out of our comfort zone and the loss of others because they can always catch up with us and make the leap at some point in time too.

I guess my question is why – seeing as on an emotional intelligence level I know all of this stuff in theory – did it take me so long to have that Eureka ‘I get it!’ moment in practice?

Sam xx

Dear Sam,

When you ease your attachment to what exists in your present life, in this case certain friendships, you allow yourself to move to the next level. It is the fear of loss that prevents humans from becoming all they could be. They perceive that if they attract a new reality, then what exists in their current reality will be lost. This irrational fear prevents them from acting on inspiration. You did not have this fear as you embarked upon your passion. You assumed that your friends would be there to revel in your new found successes. However, since everything is vibrational, you will only maintain connections with those on your same vibrational level. And isn’t that what you truly want anyway?

Those in your life can come with you to any level or they can remain wherever they are vibrationally. Or they can choose another path. If they are in your life in this present moment, then in this present moment, you are vibrationally compatible. If they are not in your life, then you are not currently matched. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be matched again some time in the future. Your example of success can be quite an influence. If they are inspired by your example, they can make their way to your vibrational level. If they resent your success, they will drop into lower emotional states of being and create manifestation events for themselves, until they reach a new perspective, a new understanding, and a new vibrational level. It is always perfect, since the vibration will always create a reality that matches it.

In the clarity that comes with alignment, you can perceive that your friends are perfect where they are. In fear and doubt, you will believe that they should be different than they are. Since it is all vibrational, you can know for certain that the people in your life in this very moment are vibrationally matched to you in some way. If they are not there with you, then there is no reason for them to be in your life at this time. They will serve no purpose. Since everything and everyone is attracted into your life for a reason, if there is no reason for them to be with you now, then they need not be there. It is simply the ineffective use of your imagination that creates the illusion of loss. You might think that things would be better if your old friends were part of your new life. However, the opposite is true. They would actually limit your expansion.

Many, many people do not embark upon inspired dreams because they fear losing the people in their lives. They do not make the vibrational adjustments that would lead them to the life they prefer to live. They keep their vibrations limited in order to maintain some control over their current reality. They presume that a future reality at a higher vibration would risk the loss of that which exists now. Since loss is an illusion, there is no real risk.

The eureka moment came as you realized what was happening from a higher perspective. This is an important thing to realize. From a limited perspective, you might perceive that life as it is would be preferable to the new life at a higher vibrational level. That is simply the illusion created from a limited perspective at a lower vibrational state. The reality is that from your higher perspective, you will understand how everything worked out perfectly. Therefore, you never have to worry about loss. From the higher perspective there is no loss. No mater how high you raise your vibration in the future, from that elevated perspective you will always see that things worked out perfectly. The perception of imperfection can only be maintained from a limited perspective. Always feel free to soar to great heights. You will only gain from these experiences and you will never truly lose anything. You have nothing to risk by raising your vibration and following your dreams. The only risk comes from the limitations imposed by fear.

With our love,
We are Joshua