Dear Joshua,

I believe God created a loving benevolent universe in which every part of it and every being in it is inherently good. Deep in my heart I know every species has a Divine Purpose to fulfill (ticks, fleas and lice included). However, when I occasionally see any of these insects, I can not stand them. How can I attract their Divine Plan of Perfection? Please note that I want something more than just killing them with pesticides. I want to rise up my vibration in regards to these bugs.

Thank you Joshua for your words of wisdom.

Dear Rosa,

Each living being on this planet has one primary intention: to expand. The purpose of physical reality is to become a part of the physical world so that you may gain a new and unique perspective on the universe. Each being has come here to expand in joy. You have, the animals have, the insects have, and even the cells in your body all came to experience reality and expand in the process. There is no other plan than that. You set some intentions for what you wanted to explore prior to your birth, but once here, you are able to be, have, and do anything you desire. The experience of physical reality causes you to create new desires and so you can now do whatever you are inspired to do.

The animals also came to expand in joy, but primarily to refresh the Earth and to be food for other animals. The insects came to clean up and spread things around. Each being has its place, but only human cares about death. The animals and insects come and go easily without resistance. If you want to kill a bug, you cannot do so unless the bug agrees. If you kill the bug, it will be because you are the bug’s path of least resistance to the nonphysical.

Now, if bugs are bugging you, it’s because you are focusing a lot of your attention on them. If you think they are gross, dangerous, or disgusting, that is focus. In this universe you abide by one primary law: the Law of Attraction. What you focus your attention on, good or bad, is brought back into your reality. If you do not like bugs, ignore them and they will leave you alone. If you think bugs are bad or wrong, well you might as well really like them because they are going to be ever-present in your reality.

Nothing in the universe is bad or wrong, but you choose to judge it as bad or wrong and that is what creates your point of focus. When you hate something, you bring it to you. When you dislike something, you draw it closer. Leave the bugs alone, let them be, be happy for their existence because this world would not be the same without them, and et it go. Remove your attention from them and you disengage the Law of Attraction where bugs are concerned. Focus on what you like (such as pretty flowers), and you engage the Law of Attraction to bring you more of that.

With all our love,
We are Joshua