Dear Joshua,

You said "we all are the center of our own universe", does that mean that in EACH of our own universes there are different galaxies, planets than my universe to someone else universe and so forth? And are the people, animals inhabited in these planets are the different for each universe (and of course they are "entangled, unfolding, and working together at the same time.") Meaning, the inhabitants of each universes VARIES from one universe to another universe, right? I am just very curious about this that is all and I needed to ask that (it is relevant to my curiosity).

Raheel C.

Dear Raheel,

We would say that each person (entity) has their own unique perception of their unique universe, yet you have created agreements and you abide by these agreements. For instance you see a vibration and you call it the color blue. This vibration is unique to you because you are perceiving it from your own unique perspective. What you see is different than what anyone else sees when they look at that same vibration. Yet, you have agreed to call it blue. When you go to Paris and look at the Eiffel Tower, you see a vibration that is unique to you. You see something that is different than what anyone else sees because you have a unique perspective which is based on your unique set of beliefs formed by your unique life experience. You might say it is so many feet tall, yet you are simply agreeing on what you define as the length of a foot.

It is helpful to understand that every person on this planet and whoever may be existing on another planet at this time or any other time has a unique perspective of the universe. You all may agree that there are planets and worlds and galaxies, yet it is quite different for you than for anyone else because your perspective is unique. How does understanding this help you? Because now you can allow others to have their own ideas based on their own perspective. You no longer need to make them wrong for disagreeing with you. They are simply seeing the world through their perspective.

When you talk to another person, no matter how well you know them, are you talking to the real person or are you talking to the version of them that is unique to you? All people you meet are unique to you. No one else will ever see them the way you see them. If you were to ask their parents, friends, lovers, children about them, all would have a different description of the person based on their unique perspective. So, in that sense, everyone you meet is different and unique to you. In fact, they are unique to you because you are unique to them. Everyone sees you in a unique way including the way you see yourself. If you were to ask each of your friends to describe you, there might be some similarities in their description of you, such as height, weight, eye color and hair color, but that’s only because they agreed on the definition of these vibrations ahead of time. But if asked to describe who you are, they all would answer the question based on their unique perspective of you.

So it matters not that your universe is the same or different than anyone else’s. It matters not that you see the world differently or exactly the same. It only matters that you understand that no one else can see exactly what you see. You can give them a break if they disagree with you or if they are wrong. From their perspective, they are always right.