Dear Joshua,

When you say “you are the center of your universe” by UNIVERSE do you mean “center of millions of planets, galaxies in a universe (or multiverse)” or you meant by by word “universe” something else? And are each intelligent beings of all the intelligent races of the universe (besides human being) also are the center of their own universe OR does that go only for humans? And does that go for animals also?

Thanks and Regards
Raheel C.

Dear Raheel,

Thank you for your wonderful question. We when say universe, we are referring to all that is. You are at the center of all that is. So is everyone else. So is everything else. Every person, every other worldly being, every animal and even every cell is at the center of their unique universe. It is infinite in its variety and complexity and from your perspective, you have a difficult time understanding the meaning of infinite.

You are a completely unique entity in a universe full of completely unique entities. There has never been one like you who has ever or will ever live. You are absolutely unique and so is everyone else. There cannot be another like you and so the expression of unique perspectives is infinite. The you that was alive yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last decade was completely different from the you that exists and perceives the world today. There will be a different you tomorrow and that you is predicated on the choices, thoughts, feelings, decisions, and attitude you choose to make today. You are constantly evolving and changing in every moment and so is everything and everyone else. And at the center of your universe is you.

So what practical purpose does this information provide you as you conduct your life here and now? Since you are unique, you are completely and absolutely worthy. Since everyone else is unique, they are worthy as well. You are worthy and they are just as worthy (but not more so than you).

You perceive your world uniquely and you create everything in that world. You do this by becoming a vibrational match to it. If it’s in your life, you’ve somehow become vibrationally tuned to it. If if something you love, you’ve altered your vibration to match it exactly. You did this yourself, no one else did it for you. If you did that, you can do anything.

Now, if something unwanted has entered your life, you attracted that as well. But the unwanted thing or condition is really not unwanted. Since it was attracted, there’s something wanted in it. If it seems like something you would not have wanted, it’s just because you have a habit of judging things good or bad, right or wrong. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. It’s simply your habit of judgment based on a limited perspective that perceives something to be wrong. In fact, everything that comes to you is there for a reason. The reason is expansion.

You intended to expand, just as you know the universe is expanding. Doesn’t this make sense? if the universe is expanding, and you are at the center of your universe, then you must be expanding as well. You expand through experience. Every experience causes expansion, therefore every experience is valuable. If you judge it as wrong, you resist the expansion. When you can see it as right and good (even if it seems unwanted in the moment) you will go with the flow of the expansion and your road will be smoother.

The only thing that really matters in this reality is how you feel. Since you are perceiving and feeling, you believe the outside environment causes you to feel good or bad. It doesn’t work like this. You feel something first and then your universe creates the physical representation of that feeling. When you react negatively to the environment you created, you send a message out to the universe and the universe sends back another representation of that same negative feeling.

When you learn to perceive everything as good and right, then only the best of anything can come into your life. So then it simply boils down to your perception of reality. If you perceive everything as good, then everything that is good will continue to flow. Why not tune yourself to the best of everything? Why not see things as wonderful, easy and perfect? Why not avoid things you already know you don’t like rather than fighting against them and bringing the power of your focus on them? Why not deliberately create the feeling of whatever you want and believe that you can have, be, and do anything?

Why not believe you are loved more than you can imagine?