Dear Joshua,

It feels like one thing is popping up more often than any other: the fear that people don’t like me and the false belief that others opinions about me are important.

Even in this Bootcamp with so much love and acceptance and where I know they have the knowledge and the tools, every text I send, question that I ask, comment I give and so on, activates this fear.

I know intellectually that what others think of me is irrelevant and that I’m here to love and accept, not to be loved and approved of, but this fear of being disliked, is like a survival instinct stronger than the knowledge and tools I have at the moment.

Could you please give me some input on what to do to decrease this resistance creator.


Dear Pernilla,

What would it matter if everyone liked you? Why do you care? Because, from your perspective, you believe that you would feel better if they liked you. This is a false premise, for nothing outside of you can ever make you feel differently than you feel inside. It is not possible. It cannot work. It defies the laws of the universe. How you feel on the inside dictates your perception of reality.

You perceive that others do not like you and because your inner self is not agreeing with you on this subject, you feel negative emotion. That’s all that is happening here. It’s as simple as that. The negative emotion comes not from those you perceive that do not like you, it comes from your disagreement with your inner self. Your inner self perceives that everyone likes you because that is ultimately the truth of the matter.

Since you cannot know what others are thinking, it is impossible to know that they don’t like you. You are making it all up in your mind. It is false. It is based on a limiting belief about your own worthiness. You perceive that if others liked you, then finally you would feel worthy. You have it backwards. When you finally feel worthy, you will perceive that others like you.

This is a universal truth. Those who perceive that others like them already feel worthy and to them it’s obvious that people like them. Those who feel unworthy perceive that others do not like them because this aligns with their limiting belief. Do not hope that others will like you. Do not ask others to like you. Work on your limiting and totally false beliefs and you will gradually feel more worthy. Then you will naturally perceive that other people like you. Which is literally the truth. You cannot read their minds, but we can.

With our love,
We are Joshua