Dear Joshua,

What is my plan of mission of life which I have to achieve?


Dear Patrick,

There’s nothing you have to achieve in this or any other lifetime. You are here to expand in joy. You expand through experience and as long as you have experiences, your expansion is insured. You did set some intentions for what you wanted to explore this time around and you are exploring life as intended. You might not understand what your purpose is, but if you look to your childhood, to the trajectory you chose, to your parents and to the time and place of your birth, you can get an idea of what you wanted to explore. You chose to come to Earth at this time of great change and awakening. You chose to learn the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. You chose to be an uplifter. You chose to be a beacon of alignment that would inspire others.

Can you see how your childhood influenced the life you now live? Can you see how the things you are interested in now were developed through childhood interests? What are your passions in life? What interests you most? This is all you have to know to discover what it is you are here to explore.

Life is meant to be fun. Fun begins with interest. Seek out that which captures your attention and follow that, for it will lead you to new interests. Remember that you are being guided by your inner being and it will lead you to discover your true passions as long as you trust that inner guidance.

All humans are on a path to becoming who they really are while living in physical reality. Fear is what prevents you from living life as the fullest and broadest expression of who you really are. Your work is to understand what causes fear, why you feel fear, what you’re thinking about when you worry or have other fearful thoughts, and how to release the fear by learning to control your thoughts and beliefs.

We teach you to look at all things from the higher perspective. When you can understand that everything that occurs is happening for your personal benefit, you can relax and release your fears. There is nothing serious going on here. If you don’t feel like you’ve found your reason for existence, remember that there is no particular reason other than the experience of reality. You can’t help but have experiences, therefore you’re doing just fine indeed.

You are loved more than you can imagine,