Dear Joshua,

5 years ago I was in terrible fear and went into my study, shut the door and literally shouted “please help me”. As I sat there I noticed something spiraling down from the ceiling in front of me. It spiraled towards me right into my hands which were on my lap. It was a silver foil envelope. I looked at the ceiling….there were no holes…it had come out of thin air. I was terrified but opened the envelope and inside were breadcrumbs. I knew it had come from a quantum place but I was scared. I put it in the trash because I didn’t want it anywhere. I also could not tell anyone for two years, but only to a few close people. So my question is were the foil envelope and breadcrumbs a special message in themselves because it was an odd thing or was it to lead me to where I am now? Any help gratefully received.

(Background – 10 years prior I was visited by the Metropolitan Police. They told me that they had found files on me in a private detectives office and that my husband at the time who left me had placed bugging devices in my car, computer, mobile, email, house and had had me followed and photographed. I had known this as I’m very “plugged” in but no one had believed me and thought I was mad until the police raided the agency which was run by corrupt police officers. So here I was for 10 years living in fear after the event that was still happening. On the day in question when the above question to Joshua happened I was in a bad way. However over the last 3 years I see what happened as an incredible thing so much so that through my searching I have found you, Joshua, your books, podcasts etc. I am not so much afraid now as actually looking at the event as positive and life changing.


Dear Ondine,

You exist in a human form. You have a limiting belief that you are an individual, navigating a treacherous reality all by yourself. You have other limiting beliefs. These beliefs, when triggered, cause you to perceive the illusion of danger and so you feel fear. In reality, you are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. In reality, you are never alone, you are fully connected to your inner self, Source itself, and your millions of guides and supporters. Certainly, you knew that you would adopt certain limiting beliefs that would cause you to perceive yourself as a victim to circumstances beyond your control, but you also knew that this would create a trajectory that would lead you to the life you intended to live.

Let’s imagine that you are a powerful creator, fully capable of being, doing and having anything you desire. Let’s imagine that you are magnificent, limitless and eternal. Let’s imagine that you are the sole and absolute creator of your reality and that the reality that you live in now is your creation. No one else can, will, or ever has created in your reality. It is all you. If this is the case, and it certainly is, then why do you feel so much fear? Because this is the exploration you have been conducting. Now, if you can understand that you are not the victim, but the absolute creator of your reality, what will you create now? You would create a life of joy.

If an envelope can appear from the ceiling out of thin air, then certainly you can know that things are not as they seem. There is more going on here than you can imagine. Reality is not a rigid environment. It is not fixed or static, it’s fluid. Your reality is nothing more than your perception of it. However, you set powerful intentions prior to your birth and your inner self is always guiding you to the ultimate manifestation of those desires. You are a magnificent creator who acts like a helpless victim. In this reality that allows you to conduct any exploration you like, you have been exploring who you are not. Now it is time to explore your true power and magnificence. You do that by seeing through the illusion imposed by fear and accepting that you are more than you can begin to imagine.

Can you imagine what you truly are? You are Source. There is no need for any other definition of self. As Source, you are the grand creator of this reality. Is Source limited in any way? Certainly not. Source is limitless. Since you are Source, you too are limitless. You have existed in fear to this point in your life. This was the exploration you were conducting and since all explorations are valid and good, the universe provided you with an abundance of things to fear. Certainly, there is a momentum that has been developed in fear, yet you have the ability to alter your exploration. What will you choose to explore now?

You are a master explorer. You are an advanced being. You very much wanted to explore this reality at this time of awakening. You set up powerful intentions prior to your birth for what you wanted to explore in this life as Ondine. You chose the time and place of your birth, your body, your culture, your family and all of the conditions of your childhood. You knew you would adopt a set of beliefs that would launch you on a trajectory to discover what you intended to explore. That trajectory has led you to this time and place where you have discovered our teachings and were inspired to ask this question. Everything has worked out perfectly as you intended!

You also wanted to explore who you truly are. You wanted to explore fear so that you could uncover your true power. You wanted to discover the laws of the universe and find a new approach to life. You have gone through much suffering, but that was really just an illusion caused by a limited perspective. You wanted to live through those experiences in order to uncover a higher perspective. It is now time to look at life from the perspective of your inner self and from the higher perspective of Source. You are Source, looking at your self from a limited perspective. Now it is time to see the reality that is you. It is all available to you now.

Can you move out of fear and into love? That is for you to decide. It is your choice. You are used to a life of fear. The fear has always been irrational. It seemed real from your perspective. From the higher perspective, it was never real. The limited perspective caused you to perceive yourself as a victim and play it as safe as you could. This is and always was an illusion. You are not a victim, your are a master creator. You created the illusions that exist in your life and now you can create a new reality. When you see yourself as Source, you will not put up with anything that does not match who you truly are. What you experience now perfectly matches who you currently think you are. Realize you are far more than you can understand in this moment and expect experiences that would match the higher version of you.

Everything is right. Nothing is ever wrong. Anything seen as wrong comes from a judgment based in fear. It has always been working out for you. It is all working out for you now and it will always work out for you in the future. If this is true, and it certainly is, then you can know for sure that there is nothing to fear. The fear was always an indication that you were looking at an illusion. You must find a way to see through the illusion that brings up irrational fear. If you would pay attention to your emotions, they will guide you in every moment. If you feel negative emotion, it’s because you are looking at reality from a limited perspective and this is the illusion caused by fear. Stop what you are doing and analyze the fear. Is the fear real or is it just an irrational fear.

Will the subject of your fear kill you in this moment?if not, the fear is irrational. What do you think triggered the irrational fear? It was a limiting belief about yourself. It was the belief that you are not worthy, are not good, cannot manifest what you want, and are not able to create the life you prefer. It is the irrational fear of loss. It is the irrational fear of what others think. It is the irrational fear of insecurity. Process these limiting beliefs and you will feel less fear.

The idea here is not to remove fear from your experience, but to remove the limitations caused by fear. You will always have fear. There is nothing wrong with fear. Fear is simply limiting. You did not come to this experience of reality to be limited by irrational fear. You came to discover who you truly are. You can only do that by pushing past irrational fear.

In order to life the life you intended to live and to be who you truly are, you must approach fear differently. You must not avoid it. You must not fear negative emotion. You must not play it safe. You must think bigger, especially about yourself. You must come to a new understanding of who you truly are. You must be the authentic version of you. That version, the true you, embraces fear, feels fear, and pushes past it in courage and faith that everything will be created by acting on inspiration. Fear was your enemy, now you must make it your friend.

With our love,
We are Joshua