Dear Joshua,

I followed your teachings with Audrey because they are in French and it’s easier for me to follow them as well.

Here is my question for you directly today:

My financial situation has been a concern for several years now. Since I discovered the Law of Attraction, I work (more or less well) on the focus of my thoughts and the analysis of my fears.

It has happened to me on a number of occasions that pleasant events occur, letting me think I was on the right track. Then shortly after, the event in question disappears, or does not bring the expected consequences in my physical reality at all.

I can’t determine if this is a lack of perseverance on my part, especially in my thoughts and feelings that flow from it, or if it is a message to make me understand that I am not in correspondence with my inner self and my mission of soul?

Thank you for your support.

Dear Olivier,

As you perceive your reality, you judge the conditions. You think that some event is good because you can see that it aligns with what you think you want and so you feel good. Then another event occurs in your reality and you believe it is bad because it seems like it is not bringing you what you want. All of that is an illusion created from your limited perspective. Stop judging the events in terms of what you think you want and instead adopt a new approach to life.

In this new approach to life, you will not judge the events themselves, only the feeling that the event brings up for you. If it feels good, then you are in alignment and perceiving your reality in a way that corresponds to how your inner self is perceiving your reality. It is good. However, if you perceive that an event is bad or wrong, you stop in the moment (or as soon as you can) and you acknowledge that it’s not the event itself that is wrong, it’s simply your perception of the event. The event itself is neither wrong nor right. It is neutral. It doesn’t have any inherent meaning or power, only that which you choose to give it. Since it is your choice, you can choose a perspective that is empowering or limiting. Do you want to live an empowering approach to life or a limited one. That truly is your choice.

Nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter if you are moving toward your desires, it only matters if you perceive that you are. It’s all in your perception of reality and the approach to life you choose. By judging the conditions or events as good or bad, you define them and they become that. Certainly, if you judge an event as good, then it becomes good for you and that is wonderful. But if you choose to define anything (and we mean literally anything, even death) as bad, then it becomes bad for you and that is resistant. You can either live in resistance to what is or you can live within the ease and flow of what is. You get to choose it all. It is all up to you. It’s really not a matter of fate, since you are the creator of your reality. It’s all in your hands. It’s your responsibility. You either practice a responsible, thoughtful and conscious approach to life or you practice the fearful approach and you try to control the conditions through judgment.

There is no need to persevere, simply practice feeling good. What makes you feel good? Do that. How can you look at the subject of your attention in a way that feels good? Do that. What can you do right now to feel good? Do that. How can you define this thing you once thought was bad in a way that makes you personally feel better? Define it that way. You can judge if you like, but you must always judge everything as right and good. Judging anything as wrong will never do you any good. That’s just resistance.

You can’t know if the having of what you think you want will be the same as what you truly want. You think you want this and you really want something else. If you relax your attachment to those things you think you want, all the things you truly want will start flowing into your reality.

You do not want to be loved, you want to express your love. You do not want security, you want faith. You do not want money, you want to allow your life to be filled with abundance. If you can go with the flow of the events as they come to you, you can recognize that they are actually for your benefit and this will help you feel better. The way to everything you truly want is through the feeling of it. What’s better than feeling good? Nothing.

With our love,
We are Joshua