Hello Joshua,

I see everything starts with a feeling. How to I get into a better feeling mood. I think I feel pretty good, but I can feel that I want to be over the average line. I want to attract better feeling thoughts. I love your teachings and I can’ t wait to meet you in person.

Greetings from Germany,

Dear Nicole,

You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Your natural state of being is feeling good. Your mood is naturally good. The only way you ever been in any other state of being is by perceiving that there is something wrong with you, with other people, or with your life. That perspective of wrong is a choice you make. There is nothing wrong, but for some reason, you feel fear. This fear creates the illusion of wrong. It creates an illusion of fear. There is nothing to fear. Everything is going well. It’s just that you are choosing to focus on something in a way that causes you to feel some fear. Look at the fear, analyze it, determine if it’s a rational fear (meaning the subject of your fear can do you physical harm) or if it’s an irrational fear (meaning the subject of the fear cannot do you physical harm). If the fear is irrational, then it is false and the illusion of danger is also false.

You have an inner self. Your inner self feels no fear, so it always sees your reality as it really is. Your inner self sees your life clearly. You can feel fear. It is part of the survival instinct. Without fear, you would not survive very long in physical reality. The rational fear which causes you to avoid real danger helps you remain in physical reality.

Irrational fear causes you to avoid perceived danger and this limits your experience of life. If you feel fear, you will feel bad. That’s how the system works. If you feel a rational fear, say a lion has escaped from the zoo and now it’s prowling your neighborhood, you will feel terrified until the lion is captured. When it’s been captured, you feel relief. You’ll return to your natural state of feeling good. That’s how the system works. The fear alerts you to a danger and when the subject of the fear is gone, you will feel good again.

But what if the fear is irrational. What if you think there is something wrong? Then you will feel bad until it gets fixed. But if the fear is irrational, then the fear is false. In this case, nothing really is wrong. You just have the illusion it is wrong because the fear gives you this sense that something dangerous is nearby. Just like the lion in the neighborhood, if you believe something is wrong, then you can’t feel better until it’s fixed. You’ll try to fix it and you’ll continue to feel bad until it gets fixed. But what if it can’t get fixed? Then you must remain in a bad mood forever.

What if you think there’s something wrong with you? Well, that would be a perception that is completely false. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. There is nothing wrong with you. There can never be anything wrong with you. You are perfect as you are right now and you cannot improve. You can’t be better than you are now. It is simply not possible. You can expand through experience, but you won’t be better, you’ll just be different.

On the day you were born, you were perfect. Would you agree with that? So then, how could anyone expand to be less than perfect? If you started out perfect, you didn’t get to be imperfect on your first birthday, or your second, or your tenth, or twentieth, or hundredth. You might believe you have flaws, but that is a misconception. You have unique attributes and talents that distinguish you from others, but your set of attributes are perfect for you. You might have preferences, but that doesn’t mean that everything isn’t good right now. You might want things, but it’s the journey toward the unfolding of your desires that is what you really want. If you are not feeling good, it’s a matter of focus. If you want to feel good simply set that intention.

Set the intention to feel good. Start to think better-feeling thoughts. Start to meditate a little every single day. The practice of meditation will help you identify limiting thoughts and help you replace those with empowering thoughts. Never think that anything is bad or wrong, especially anything about yourself. Never judge others or yourself. Allow yourself to be as you are without taking yourself or anything else too seriously. Most of all, set the intention to have fun and enjoy yourself. Do what you want to do. Find what’s interesting to you. Find that which you are fascinated by. Move toward those things.

Surround yourself with reasons to feel good. Only do that which feels good and leave the rest alone. Do not fight against, simply flow with what you like. Do not attach yourself to any specific outcomes, allow the universe to bring you things and experiences that you will truly enjoy. Be less serious and be easier on yourself and those in your life and you will find yourself feeling better than you ever have.

With our love,
We are Joshua