Dear Joshua,

This is a question about dreams.

The meaning and reality of dreams has never been really clear to me. However, with this awakening to higher truths, I am wondering if they are real or simply an illusion that I build up for some reason, and if so, what reasons could that be?

Is there an explanation for them from the non physical side or are they simply something that we create in our physical realm for distraction or fun or whatever? For instance, I don’t remember my dreams often, but when I do remember them, I am upset that I do not remember what they were about most of the time. Maybe I don’t remember them because they are not useful to me at the moment? And maybe I feel upset, because I don’t have the control over that? I guess everything is possible right?

Thank you for your enlightenment,

Dear Muriel,

The dream itself is not that important, it’s how you feel upon waking and reflecting on whatever you might recall that has some benefit. Like everything else in your reality, the event is always neutral. How you feel is an indication of your alignment. If you wake and think of the dream and feel some negative emotion, that is simply an indication of a limiting belief. If you perceive it as a good dream, that is an indication of a beneficial belief. Your judgment is derived from your perception of reality and the emotion always points to your belief system and whether or not you are in alignment with your inner self or not.

When you sleep, you allow time for your inner self to process your experience of life and to work out various scenarios. The time of sleep is not for the purpose of resting your weary body, it is a time for your inner self to reflect or process your experiences of the day. The physical world is an intense environment. As you navigate your day, you experience many resistant and aligned thoughts. You perceive the world, yourself and all others through the lens of your unique perception of reality. When you attract a thought and you perceive the subject to be bad or wrong, you are resisting the subject.

When you perceive a thought as good and right, you offer no resistance. Your inner self is always guiding you and assisting you on your journey of self-discovery. You are perceiving yourself in a limited way, but who you truly are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Your inner self is guiding you to discover who you truly are.

When you wake, you receive a download of the processing your inner self has completed while you were asleep. That is your dream. Since the nonphysical realm is vastly more dynamic than your physical reality, your brain tries to make sense of the nonphysical experience in a physical way. This is why the environment of your dreams often appears to be very different than your real world. The brain is trying to make sense of what happened in the nonphysical realm in physical terms you can understand. However, the dream itself is not related to your physical experience. How you perceive the dream is related to your experience. If you perceive the dream as a nightmare, you might wake up relieved that it did not actually happen. If you had a wonderful dream, you might wake upset that the dream was simply a dream as is not your actual reality.

If you can accept that the dream is only the remnants of your inner self’s exploration of new ideas and is not meant to mean anything in particular, then you can be grateful that your inner self is involved in the process of aiding your experience of life as Muriel at this time. You might receive inspiring ideas or even a new understanding of a perceived problem. You might receive insights and new perspectives. This can only happen when you relax and maintain your alignment. Choose to look at your dreams (and every aspect of your physical experience) in an empowering way by choosing a higher perspective. You choose what anything means. If you remember a dream, good.

If you don’t, then that is also good, for nothing wrong is ever happening. Good dreams are simply your perception based in beneficial beliefs. Bad dreams are judged as such due to the influence of limiting beliefs. Try to find the limiting belief and think about why you choose to see the dream as bad and you will reduce the intensity of those limiting beliefs. After a while, you will find that all your dreams are good. That’s because you have chosen to see them as good rather than bad. In essence, this is how you create your reality around all of the subjects in your life.

With our love,
We are Joshua