Dear Joshua,

What can I do to get rid of my social anxiety and detached thoughts and be employed in a more positive working environment?


Dear Michelle,

When you use a label like social anxiety, you are placing an undue burden on yourself.
It sounds like social anxiety is a diagnosis for which there is little hope of recovery. This is not true at all. All you feel is a little shyness and a little lack of confidence. These are not problems. If you want to feel differently, we will help you.

Shyness stems from feelings of insecurity around others and it is based in a few limiting beliefs about yourself which were most likely adopted in childhood. Shyness is extremely common as we are sure you are aware. Many people who use the label of social anxiety, use it because their belief in their own social awkwardness is very strong. It is just the Law of Attraction creating an environment that matches how you feel. You believe yourself to have a thing called social anxiety and therefore the world around you is formed to fulfill the beliefs you hold. It is just how physical reality works.

You could just as easily believe yourself to be confident and sure-footed in social settings. You could just as easily act as if you were confident. You could play the part of one who does not care what others think. You could fake it until it became real for you. When you show just a little confidence in any social setting, you diminish the limiting belief which holds you firmly in a place you do not prefer. All limiting beliefs are based in fear and all are false. Simply prove to yourself that you can be confident in a social setting and slowly but surely, your confidence will grow through the power of momentum. A lot of momentum has occurred to bring you where you are now, you must do a little work on your own to get the momentum going in a direction you prefer.

Now, let’s say you started to work on becoming more confident in social settings. Let’s say you decided to go out more and meet people. Maybe you will start slowly by shopping. As a shopper, you hold the power when you interact with staff because you are the customer. It is a natural setting. You might be concerned what the staff will think of you, but you do not need to be overly worried because you hold the power. Go to a store that sells something you love. Spend some time there asking questions. Being around things you love naturally gives you energy. Being around people who also love the things you love makes it easier to talk to them. This is how you will start the momentum to become more confident in social settings.

As you become more comfortable around others, you will start to pursue your interests. Right now, your limiting beliefs about yourself are holding you back from pursuing your interests and finding your passion. Your limiting beliefs limit what you can and will do. You hold yourself apart from all that you want. No one is stopping you, it’s simply your habit of thought. Break that habit of thought and your world will shift. It has to, it is law.

Above all you must realize that you are truly worthy to live the life you desire. You need not be shy because you are a gift to this universe and without your unique contribution, the universe would be less than it is now. You are as worthy as any who has ever or will ever life. You must understand that fact above all. You are only limited by your limiting thoughts and you have the ability to choose any thought you like. Stop believing you are less than anyone and start moving toward the reality you prefer by moving in the direction of confidence.

You are loved more than you can imagine.