Dear Joshua,

What is the best and most accurate method for changing your limited beliefs? I’ve tried EFT, binaural CDs with affirmations, written and spoken affirmations, visualization and have had success with these, but I have not manifested on the large scale that I wish to.

For example, beginning in 2012, I started affirmations, visualizations, etc that I wanted a spiritual home- based business and I got it in 2013, but I got it with a dishonest business partner who was verbally abusive and was very controlling. I was very unhappy but I had more money than I had ever had before. But in Dec. 2015 I had to close the business to break all ties with my business partner and I lost all of the income so I’m back to working for a small company for very little money and no freedom or enjoyment.

I can see where I was not specific enough when I asked the Universe for a home-based business so I have learned to be more specific. I want to work from home again and solely own a home-based business that I enjoy and still make 6 figures. I would like my home-based business an artist and interior designer but I have no formal education so I don’t believe I can succeed. I also love coaching people about LOA and how they can change their lives. In 2014, I also started a small non-profit animal sanctuary that I want to continue and expand to help more animals but I get discouraged because donations are not coming in as I want them to. I am do written and spoken affirmations, visualization, etc for all of these desires. Any suggestions to changing my belief system so I can really reach my vision?

Thank you.

Dear Michelle,

All of the things you are doing work very well to help you shape your beliefs and create the life you desire. There is another tool you might try and this one works with your emotional guidance system. When you feel emotion of any kind, it is an indication that you have a belief that supports that emotion. If it is is a positive emotion such as love, excitement, joy, enthusiasm, exhilaration, fun, laughter, etc., it is an indication that you have a very beneficial belief. If you feel negative emotion be it anger, sadness, despair, frustration, resentment, etc. it is an indication that you have a limiting belief.

The limiting belief keeps you apart from all that you want. The limiting belief is always based in some fear. The limiting belief is always, always false. Find the fear at the basis of the limiting belief and then find evidence to prove to yourself that the belief is false and you will reduce the intensity of that belief and your life will shift in a new direction.

You state that you would like to be an interior designer but you have no formal education and therefore that is not a possibility for you. This is an excellent example of a limiting belief. The fear at the base of this belief is the fear of failure. The fear is irrational because in this life you cannot fail and because failure to become a successful interior designer does not lead to death. If you try and fail in this profession, you will not be executed. Therefore, the fear is irrational and thus it is a false fear. Now simply prove to yourself that a formal education as an interior designer is not necessary. There have been many highly successful designers who had no formal education. If you do your research you will find numerous examples. This belief is limiting, and it is false.

Another way to reduce limiting beliefs is to be conscious of your thoughts. Limiting beliefs are simply thoughts you think over and over. When a limiting thought enters your mind, replace it with a beneficial thought. This takes practice, but with a little time and a little work, soon it will become automatic. There is no need to entertain limiting thoughts. Replace all thoughts with beneficial thoughts. Meditation will greatly aid your ability to control your thoughts.