Dear Joshua,

I asked this before but never received an answer to it months ago, maybe it got lost so I am sending it again. I hope you answer it!

Is it true that just by using your imagination (like closing your eyes and the images you see) you can “travel” your consciousness, awareness to another planet, galaxy, universes or even another realm? And on that other realm (galaxy, planet, etc) you can occupy another body (or whatever the body is)?

I heard from some people it’s true and they can do it (sometimes or rarely)? If its true, what happens to this body I am currently occupying right now? And what happens to this world? Meaning, where does this world and body go? And how long can you stay there?


Dear Michael,

Your imagination is a powerful thing. Have you ever wondered why you have an imagination? Without it you could not be, do, or have anything you desire. That means your imagination is the mechanism that allows you to experience physical reality in any way you like. Your imagination is the key to creating anything you desire. If you can imagine it, then it is a real possibility. The key to creating what you want is to imagine it and then come into vibrational alignment with it. Figuring out the vibrational aspect of what you want to manifest in your reality is sometimes the tricky part.

You have a set of beliefs that are based on your own personal experience and also based on the influences of others’ beliefs. Some of your beliefs are beneficial and others are quite limiting. Without these limiting beliefs, you would be limitless, meaning you would create anything you wanted instantly. However, that is not really a good thing. You haven’t the focus necessary to know exactly what it is you want and so sometimes you begin to manifest wanted things and other times you begin to manifest unwanted things. The resistance caused by limiting beliefs is beneficial in not creating unwanted things.

So then, do you really want to leave your body and travel to another planet and inhabit another alien body on a very strange world? Or would it be easier, more fun, less dangerous and certainly less time consuming to do it through your imagination? Your imagination is the perfect mechanism to explore the unknown. You can literally be, do, and have anything in your imagination. Is it real? That’s for you to decide. We believe that everything is real. If it is manifested in your reality, it is real. However, before it can be manifested, it must be imagined. Nothing can be created without using the imagination. It is imagined and then by the process of vibrational alignment, it is created.

So we would say yes, it is real to travel to some far off galaxy and inhabit some strange body and to live within that body for a little while and also to return to that body whenever you like. What happens to your physical body when you’re away? The same thing that happens to your body when you sleep. It carries on without needing you to be fully conscious of it. It is a self-contained entity and as long as you come back, it can manage without you for a time.

So if you want to use your imagination to travel anywhere in the universe or anywhere on your planet, we encourage you to do so. If you want to use your imagination to conjure meaningful relationships here on Earth, we encourage you to do so. You can use your imagination to create anything. It is up to you to become a vibrational match to anything you’d like to create.

You are loved more than you could imagine by more than you could ever count.

We are Joshua