Dear Joshua,

How can I make contact with either you or other nonphysical entities like you directly in a safe manner and for my highest good?


Dear Michael,

You are making contact with us right now. You may ask any question you like as often as you like and we will offer our perspective. When you ask a question to us, Gary will translate our answers. He will use the words he believes best describes our thoughts. You will receive the answer just as we would relay it to you if we were speaking directly with you. You will either believe the answers, as they come through Gary, or not. If you choose to believe our answers then your perspective and certain beliefs will be altered in a way that serves your highest good and your life will unfold in a new way which you will enjoy. If you choose not to believe our answers, then life will continue on as it did before. Either way, it is always right.

You might be thinking that you would like to communicate with us directly and not only is this possible, but it is natural. Physical life was designed with a built-in mechanism for communicating with the nonphysical and you do this automatically anyway. You just believe that the thoughts you are thinking are of your own creation. You do not realize that you receive thoughts; you don’t manufacture thoughts. The type and quality of the thoughts you receive has to do with the vibration you are emitting. Gary has come into vibrational alignment with us (and so have others) and you can too. It is perfectly natural. It’s simply that Gary believes he is communicating with us and you may not believe that.

Gary has evidence of our communication in the form of four books, dozens of articles and hundreds of answers to questions from people all over the world. He can see that our answers are consistent and this helps bolster his belief in our existence. But there is much more of this communication going on all the time without most people realizing it. Whenever you have an idea flash into your mind, it is communication with higher intelligence. Whenever you are inspired to do something, it is communication from nonphysical entities. Whenever you think of a loved one (living or not) you are communicating with that person. This communication channel is always open. Most people do not believe it and therefore they never come into vibrational alignment with it.

The best way to communicate with us is to come into vibrational alignment with us. You are already within close proximity to us as you have somehow found your way to us through Gary. If you would like to continue communicating with us through Gary, as this might be easier for you to believe, then that would be the method we suggest for now. If you would like to communicate with us directly, do what Gary did – start meditating. In meditation your vibration will begin to rise and in time you will reach a level where we exist. You will ask questions and we will answer.

You will either believe it is we who are talking to you or you will believe that it is yourself talking to yourself. We will not sound different as you will receive our thoughts not our voices, and to you all these thoughts sound like your thoughts. But if you consider our answers, you will realize, as Gary does, that they are coming from a higher perspective and there is truth in them.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could count and you can communicate with all of us.