Dear Joshua,

1. Are their alternative timelines of Earth? Like, are their different version of earths? Like, for example, on one VERSION of earth, U.S.A. won World War 2 but in another version of Earth, Germany won WW2 and so forth. (like you see the Science fiction series “Sliders”

2. If so, does that mean you can move from one timeline to another?

Thanks and Regards
Michael Johnson

Dear Michael,

We all live in a wonderful universe which we know is infinite and expanding. The universe is perfect in the moment and getting better in every subsequent moment. It is infinite and expanding and it is perfect and improving. You are the center of your universe which is also infinite and expanding, perfect and improving. You yourself are infinite and expanding, perfect as you are now in this moment and improving in subsequent moments. Knowing all this, we also know that every possibility exists simultaneously.

Yes, every possible possibility exists in this moment. Anything you can imagine exists just as real as the version of the world you currently occupy. When you change yourself, you change realities. When you make a decision, you consciously choose one reality over another. You shift between realities with every thought. Every time your vibration changes, you shift into a new reality. It may seem like the same reality, but that is simply an illusion designed to give you the feeling of continuity. One of the most powerful laws in the universe is the Law of Continuity.

If so you choose, you could shift to the reality where Germany won WW2. Or you could shift to the reality where there was no WW2. However, your set of very specific beliefs conforms to the law of Continuity and so you find yourself in this version of reality. This is how you want it to be because you really like this reality. You are a vibrational match to this reality. However, you could easily shift to a slightly improved version of this reality any time you choose as long as you allow your beliefs to get up to speed with the reality you prefer. It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Your vibration is changing in every moment. You are completely different in every moment and so you are constantly shifting from one possible reality to another in every moment. It seems like a smooth and linear flow, yet each reality is unique. If you knew how to shift your vibration so that it matched what you desire, you could move into that reality in a blink of an eye.

For instance; there is the reality of Paris, France. Paris has a certain vibration. Let’s be even more specific. The observation deck on the Eiffel Tower has a specific vibration. If you knew how, you could tune yourself to that vibration and you would be transported from where you are now to the observation deck, instantly.

Instead of transporting yourself instantly, you believe you must take small steps to get there. You must walk to your car, you must drive to the airport, you must board the plane, you must fly to Paris, you must disembark the plane, you must walk to the street, hail a taxi, and ride to the Eiffel Tower. You must walk from the taxi to the elevator and ride the elevator up to the observation desk. In each step you moved from one reality to another. You believed that this was the way to get to the Eiffel tower. One step at a time through one new reality at a time. And you arrived. Seems like a lot of steps to us.