Dear Joshua,

How can I best come to experience and master the practice of creating my reality by intention? Working alone on this work I find that I drift back to my normal worldly view readily, and forget to watch how I am using my mind. How can I stay focused on this work of changing my beliefs and raising my vibration? Thank you!

Thanks and Regards
Melinda Tidwell

Dear Melinda,

What a wonderful question. Your question goes to the heart of what every conscious-seeking person goes through as they learn to operate within the mechanism of physical reality. On one hand, you understand at some level that all of this reality is simply a bunch of vibrations that bounce off your physical senses and appear as reality. On the other hand, it seems so real and you’re so much better at translating vibration and operating from the perspective of what you interpret with your senses than what you feel as a vibrational being.

So how do you keep your focus on your inner world long enough for it to have an impact on your outer world? There are three practices you can try; observation, awareness, and meditation. Let’s start with meditation. Meditation allows you to slow thought and in the process connect with your inner self. Your inner self is the larger part of you that remains nonphysically focused and can see your world from the higher perspective. Meditation allows you to understand that thoughts are not created by you but are attracted by the way you feel. When you get in touch with your inner world you strike a very important balance. You are living in a physical reality and you are thrilled to be here. Yet, in order to navigate this reality, you must understand how your inner world affects your outer world. Meditation will help.

The next thing you can do is be aware that all of this is happening for you personally not to you. You are a creator and your creation is you. Life experience causes you to grow and expand. This is a good thing, therefore all experiences, regardless of how you judge them, are good. Be aware that there is more going on than what you see and realize that it is meant to be a very fun, though convincing, illusion and nothing serious is going on here.

Lastly, observe. Avoid your habit of reaction and just see what’s really going on. Resist your temptation to judge. When something happens, realize there is a purpose. Pay attention to your feelings and emotions for they will alert you whenever you are seeing things in a way that may not serve you. If you feel negative emotion, realize their is some fear at the basis of a limiting belief. If you can stop in the moment and think about what you’re feeling, you’ll begin to approach life in a radically new way.

Remember, it is all supposed to be fun. You are here to expand joyously. There is not point in expansion if there is no joy. Strive to feel good and your vibration will naturally rise and you’ll begin to attract thoughts that resonate at that higher vibration. There is no rush. This is a process and it is important to enjoy the process because it never ends.

You are loved more than you can imagine.