Dear Joshua,

I have always been infatuated with the paranormal world and have the desire to communicate with spirits and channel non physical entities. Why do I have these desires and will it happen?


Dear Maverick,

The desire to communicate with the nonphysical realm is not unusual. In fact, it should be quite normal. In a natural world, free from the fears of your society, the direct communication from within would be completely commonplace. Everyone would communicate with their inner selves, with their guides and supporters and with Source itself. But when you consider this to be unusual, strange or bizarre, you look at the subject from a state of fear and thus you lose that natural connection.

You are always connected to the nonphysical. You are Source and cannot be disconnected from Source. You can perceive a connection and so it is true and valid. You can perceive disconnection or the inability to connect and so this becomes your reality. It’s always a matter of your specific and unique perception of reality. As you are well aware, there are many channelers. They are the ones who have decided and agreed to bring forth information in order to engage and serve mankind. They are unique, to be sure, but they are not rare. This is a talent than can be cultivated by anyone with an open and malleable belief system.

When channeling, you might believe that you will hear a voice. You think that the voice will sound obvious to you, because it would be a different voice. When you do not hear a different voice, you assume that the conversation you are having in your mind is simply a conversation with yourself. It’s your thoughts and your words and so it must be you. However, you must remember that your thoughts are attracted. They come to you. You translate those thoughts into words and the words and thoughts are always yours. They will always sound like you, because they are your thoughts. You did not manufacture those thoughts, you attracted them.

You attract all things in an attractive universe such as this. In the nonphysical, you attract thoughts based on the vibration you are offering and you can transmit those thoughts to others. From the nonphysical, your guides, supporters and inner self transmit thoughts as well. You can receive those thoughts only when you become a vibrational match. How does one become a vibrational match to thoughts? You must change your vibration and tune into that frequency. You must alter your set of beliefs. Your beliefs limit you from becoming a match to desires that have not yet manifested into your reality.

If you were to become a vibrational match to high-vibrating nonphysical communication, how would you accomplish this? You would become a match to love and acceptance. You would adopt a new philosophy. You would approach life differently. You would no longer see things as bad or wrong. You would see all things as right and good. You would be open to the idea of compete and absolute acceptance.

If you perceive that some things are right and other things are wrong, then you would emit a vibration with some love and some fear. There would be certain teachings or guidance that you would believe, because they match your current beliefs. And you would not be a match to anything you do not believe. If the nonphysical realm is transmitting the energy of love, then you must be open to that without emitting the energy of fear. It’s what you fear that keeps you from being a match to the energy of love.

Those who channel have natural belief systems that are open and malleable. They tend not to abide by the dogma of religion. They are open to new ideas. They are able to process their limiting beliefs. If you would like to be a channel yourself, simply open your belief system to the fact that there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to fix, no one needs your help, and everything and every one is perfect as they are. If you can do that, you will be a conduit to the Source of infinite intelligence. However, it will never make you good or whole are better than you are now. That’s because you are also perfect as you are in this very moment in time.

With our love,
We are Joshua