Dear Joshua,

I was listening your podcast about Anger and Rage, and I wanted to share with you a particular manifestation event I had a few months ago.

Every late summer and early fall, I have got into the habit of noticing and appreciating all the webs the Orb weaving spiders put up around the house. I am in awe at the intelligence that these little creatures possess to construct such elaborate webs. So I am always on the look out for these webs. Although its a little creepy when you find yourself walking into one. lol

One day at work I was following the KC Chiefs on my phone at work, and getting updates on my smart phone on the progress of the game. KC was ahead of Denver late in the game when the running back fumbled, gave it back to Denver, who scored the go ahead touchdown and won the game. I was Irate. I was the only one at work, so no one saw me kick, punch and push inanimate objects while I swore up and down! I have an issue of getting too emotional when my teams lose. It goes back to childhood for sure.

Well, while I was having the tantrum, I turn around and right in my work space an Orb weaving spider is building a web! I have never seen that type of spider there before. The Orb weavers are not found in downtown environments. They are usually around grassy and garden areas. And I have never seen one indoors anywhere, let alone downtown and at work! I guess its possible an orb spider could have jumped on my back and rode with me to work. (uggh lol) But it appears I literally created this manifestation out of thin air with my temper tantrum to learn some kind of lesson. What do you think?


PS. I removed the spider by simply putting it outside. I have a hard time just killing them. Also KC is in the second round of the playoffs. 🙂

Dear Matt,

It is interesting to note that anger is the emotion one receives when things turn out differently from what one wants. When things seem to be going your way and suddenly they take a turn and you perceive it as being wrong, anger is the negative emotion that you associate with these events. It is a bad-feeling emotion and all bad-feeling emotions are a sign of resistance. The universe is trying to bring you what you want, in the most elegant manner possible, and you see this one little event as wrong in the midst of all the events that must occur to bring you what you want. What we want to explain to you is that this event must happen in the sequence that it did happen, just exactly as it happened, for you to receive the manifestation you desire. For you to believe it is wrong is just resistance.

You can’t begin to imagine all of the countless events and mini-manifestations that must occur to bring you the best possible representation of what you want. Since you can’t begin to imagine how your desire will manifest, why get caught up in any one event? You think that the fumble and the subsequent loss of this one game was bad, yet without this event occurring exactly as it did, millions of other events could not happen to bring you your desire. If the player did not fumble the ball, KC would have won. If KC won that game, they would have possibly lost more important games. If they had one that game, other teams would have thought about their position relative to KC’s position in the rankings. They would have changed the way they played them. They would have done things differently. If KC won that game, maybe they would not have made the playoffs.

Since you don’t know how it will all unfold, there is no point in getting angry. Since every event is the right event, at the right time, there’s no point in believing it is wrong. Since the whole point of that fumble was to give you a reason to get angry and then remember it and ask us about it, you can assume that the player fumbled the ball for your personal growth and expansion. That was the message the spider was wanting to convey.