Dear Joshua,

I have been using the LOA for a while yet I can’t seem to manifest what is truly in my heart, is there something I should do differently?

Thank you so deeply!

Dear Maggie,

Let’s imagine that there is a law that exists, just like the law of gravity. This law is called the Law of Attraction. The idea behind this law is that you may receive whatever you are a match to, not necessarily what you ask for. Certainly, your desires are manifested the moment they are birthed, and they exist in some form in some way, somewhere out there, but until you alter your vibration to match those desires, they cannot manifest in your reality. That’s because your reality is a mirror to your vibration.

Let’s imagine that you want to win the lottery. In order to win the lottery you must buy a ticket. You do not want to buy a ticket because you don’t want to waste your money knowing that you will probably not win. The odds are against you. You believe that people who buy lottery tickets are foolish and so you do not want to seem foolish yourself and that’s why you don’t buy lottery tickets. But you believe in the Law of Attraction and you say, “I want to win the lottery and if my dreams should come true, based on my understanding of the Law of Attraction, the part where I buy the ticket is not necessary.” And we might agree with this sentiment. However, your belief that buying lottery tickets is wrong is simply resistance and this might be the limiting belief that is keeping you apart from your dream.

You have a set of beliefs. Those beliefs inform your vibration. If what you want does not exist in your reality right now, it’s because you have a set of beliefs that are in conflict with the version of you who manifests her dreams. Do you understand this concept? There is a version of you who has a set of beliefs that match her desire and so her desire manifests. That is not the version that exists right now. That is not the version who wrote this letter. The version of you who wrote this letter still has beliefs that keep her apart from her dreams.

If you want to become a master manifestor, you must do two things; you must allow your beliefs to be malleable, and you must learn to process fear and push through it to do what you are inspired to do.

Let’s talk about your beliefs. When you think anything is wrong, anyone is wrong, or that some condition or event is wrong, you have uncovered a limiting belief. Nothing is wrong, it’s just that some limiting belief is being triggered by the person or condition in front of you and it causes you to feel fear. The limiting belief is triggered and you feel negative emotion. Negative emotion is simply fear. Now, at this point when you feel fear, you must realize that you have uncovered a limiting belief. If the event or person is not wrong (and they are not), then it must be something in you that is causing you to perceive reality in a way that is illusory. It is not real. You perceive something as bad or wrong, yet that is impossible and so it must be some old tired belief found somewhere deep inside you. Do not act on impulses to change the conditions, instead look at the belief that sprouted the fear. It’s the belief you must address, not the conditions. Anytime you consciously look at your set of beliefs rather than the outside conditions, you raise your vibration and you become more of a match to your desires.

Now let’s talk about fear. There are two kinds of fear; rational and irrational. Rational fear involves the possibility of physical harm or death. We concede at these times when facing a lion in your living room, it might be appropriate to alter the conditions. You might be better off changing the conditions by leaving the house. However, if the thing is not going to kill you this afternoon, then the fear is irrational. Just as with the lion, you will receive urges and impulses to change the conditions. In the past, you have acted on these urges and that action feeds the momentum of the old approach to life of control. Rather than acting on the impulse to change the condition (or the person), analyze the limiting belief. Is it true? is it true for you? is it always true? The answer to those questions is always no. Limiting beliefs are never, ever true. You can prove they are not true. You can find evidence that proves them to be false. This is the work. If you want to become a master manifestor, this is something you must do every time you feel fear. This work raises your vibration. This is how you become a vibrational match to your desires.

You exist at one vibrational level down from your desires. As you do the work to analyze your limiting beliefs and process your irrational fears, you raise your vibration. When you get good at feeling good, you will receive inspiration to act. When you push past the fears that always arise prior to any inspired action, you raise your vibration. You do not need to get good at using the Law of Attraction., you need to do the work that actually affects your vibration. That is a practice and that practice starts with meditation.

With our love,
We are Joshua