Good morning Joshua,

My question for you is about overcoming limiting beliefs. Through my spiritual journey (only the last two years or so), I’ve become pretty good at identifying limiting beliefs in my life. That being said, I cannot for the life of me make them go away.

To me, the beliefs I hold are based on evidence and logic-driven, which makes them very difficult to deny. While I know that they can be changed (and must, if I am to progress spiritually) I’m having a very hard time letting go of them. I’ve been an incredibly stubborn person my whole life and it feels like the more I try to let go, the harder I end up clinging to the familiar and the negative. How can I go further than just identifying my fears and limiting beliefs and actually learn to let them go?

Thank you so much.

Dear Lisa,

All limiting beliefs are based on irrational fear. If the fear is irrational, meaning the subject of your fear cannot do you physical harm, then it is false. If it is irrational, the fear is false. Every time. You can prove it is false, every time. Of course, you might also use some evidence to support its validity, but that is your choice. It is far easier to find evidence that it is false.

You can never eliminate a limiting belief. You cannot really eliminate anything. All you can do to a limiting belief is reduce its intensity. All you can do is find evidence that the belief is false and tell yourself that there is nothing to fear. Do this enough and the limiting belief has a weaker grip on your experience of life.

Let’s say you want something; a mate, for instance. You desire a loving, lasting, happy, and intimate relationship with another person. This is a desire, but fear will limit the manifestation of the desire in your life if it is too strong. To bring this desire into reality, you must weaken the intensity of the limiting belief so that the strength of the desire is more powerful than the strength of the limiting belief.

What could the limiting belief be that might stall the manifestation of a mate? You might think you are not worthy of the person you desire. That is a limiting belief and it is false. You are worthy. You are unique. Your uniqueness proves that you are worthy. Other people have mates and you are as worthy as they are. This is proof that your limiting belief is false. You have not removed the limiting belief, you’ve simply reduced its intensity a bit. Do this little exercise every time that limiting belief pops up and you will reduce the intensity of it a bit further. Keep at it and soon the desire becomes stronger than the limiting belief and as a result, you will observe the manifestation of a mate into your reality.

This process is the same no matter the desire. You can always find evidence to prove the limiting belief is based in some false and irrational fear and this reduces its intensity. The more you believe in the evidence you produce, the weaker the belief will become. The more you ramp up your desire, the less power the limiting belief will have. As a result, what you desire will manifest into your reality. If the desire is weak and the limiting belief is strong, your desire will have difficulty manifesting. As soon as the desire is stronger than the limiting belief, the desire must manifest. It’s a basic law of the universe.

It is very good to be able to recognize your limiting beliefs. This alone is enough to reduce their intensity. Most people never acknowledge that a belief is limiting. They call it fact and from this perspective they are powerless. By recognizing that you can identify a limiting belief and that you can find evidence to prove it’s false, you have great power over it. It is not what you believe, it’s what you choose to understand that is most important. You have the ability to analyze your limiting beliefs. You have the power to take a critical look at each one of them. If it is based in an irrational fear, then it is false. Every single time, without exception.

You are loved more than you can imagine.
We are Joshua