Dear Joshua,

How can I tell the difference between taking inspired action and acting to change the conditions? Because conditions do change either way….


Dear Liesel,

In love and acceptance you are connected to Source consciousness and you receive inspiration that will move you forward to the manifestation of all your desires. In fear of something being wrong, or when you perceive that a desire is not coming, you dip into fear/lack consciousness and you receive urges to change the conditions. Sometimes inspired action will change conditions and so too will urges. However, you must understand the basis of your actions. Are the actions based in love and aligned with who you truly are or are they based in the fear that something wrong might happen? Only you can answer this question.

When you receive the inspiration to do something that will lead to the manifestation of your desires, fear and doubt will pop up. Sometimes, the fear is intense and it is based on a limiting belief. You might have the inspiration to take some action, but the fear will be too intense and it will actually cause you to perceive the action as not inspired. This is because the fear makes you want to avoid the action. You might doubt that you are worthy of the action or that you might fail. Then you simply chalk it up as an urge. However, that action that you are inspired to take in the moment will always be interesting, exciting or fun as long as you can push past the fear.

When you receive inspiration, you often use your untrained imagination to define the steps to the ultimate outcome. You want to know the path to the end result. You become attached to the result and to each step along the way. When imagining all of the steps, you feel fear because you are not yet a vibrational match to any other step other than the one right in front of you. Only think about that first step. If you receive inspiration, you will always be able to take the first step in the moment. That step will be enjoyable and it will cause some expansion that will ready you for the next inspired step. That next step is likely to be quite different to the step you think should be next. This is why we say only think about the step that’s right in front of you and disregard any other possible step you might imagine.

In the case of an urge to change the condition, you will also feel fear. Imagine being really angry and have the urge to punch the wall. Fear pops up to prevent you from acting on that urge and it’s a very good thing. The action would not lead you to anything you truly want. It will just lead you in circles on a false path of exploration. Urges are not fun, enjoyable or exciting, they feel more like effort and struggle. Urges are derived from a lower-emotional state of being. You perceive that something is wrong and so you are urged to do something about it in order to control the conditions.

When it comes to action, think about whether you derive that idea from a stance of acceptance or fear. Think about the action step you can take. Is it exciting and fun or will it be a struggle and an effort? If you can understand if the idea is inspirational, then it is aligned with love. If you are motivated to do something you don’t like doing, then it is most likely derived from an urge to change conditions.

With our love,
We are Joshua