Dear Joshua,

After beginning the first book last night I feel like I am being offered a blank page for my life, that is both exciting and mind boggling. I was recently working on limitations in my life, and I was told that my greatest limitation is thinking that I am bound to a plan I made before birth. I was shown an image of this being like a chain keeping me under water. I melted the chain and for a few seconds burst free to the surface of somewhere that felt amazing, yet indescribable, and my human brain could not cope yet for more than those few seconds. My question is, how does my soul plan for this lifetime limit me and is there a way to train myself to break through that surface and stay there? Thank you, and deep gratitude.


Dear Kirsten,

Prior to your birth into this lifetime you made several intentions. You mostly wanted to be happy and experience joy and you also set a few specific intentions which you might term your soul’s plan. You chose the time and place of your birth as well as your parents knowing that your childhood would launch you on a trajectory that would lead to the fulfillment of your intentions. This is the extent of your soul’s plan.

Once born you have the complete freedom to pursue anything you desire. Your life will bring contrast and from that contrast you will choose what you prefer. There are certain things you are interested in but you may choose to ignore these aspects of reality at any time. Your life is your own creation and you may choose to be, have, and do anything in this lifetime. You are absolutely free and never tied to any intention specific or otherwise.

That being said, you do possess a vibration that has within it the intentions you set and the Law of Attraction will bring you face to face with these intentions all throughout your life. It’s just the way the system was designed and you knew this going in. You are free to resist whatever the universe brings you. You are free to ignore the wisdom your inner self offers you. You can doubt your own magnificence and believe you are unworthy of these inner gifts. Yet to deny this is to deny your own interests and passions.

What we see is that you are simply judging yourself a little harshly when you look for outside indications of your own worth. You are looking to others to provide the evidence of your value. But you are working in reverse of how this reality is designed. Before anyone can ever validate your worth, you must acknowledge and accept your undeniable and absolute worthiness. You must feel your own worthiness. You must know your own value. You must love the you that has never before reached this level of consciousness and ability. You are powerful, meaningful and undeniably worthy. Until you know this and feel this, others can only reflect back to you exactly how you feel about yourself.

You are completely free to do anything you want, but you cannot escape who you really are, what you really want and what you’re interested in. You are forever bound to the path to become who you really are. You are moving toward the highest version of you and so far, you’ve made excellent progress. The version of you that exists in this very moment is the highest version that has ever existed. We know the value of you. It’s time for you to understand it for yourself. Once you do, everything will change.

You are loved more than you could ever imagine.