Hi there Joshua,

I have a burning question and it comes up because Im reading Perception of Reality right now. I am at the end of the book and reading about Intention. I completely understand Intention, but how do I master the skill? I feel as if I am great with setting intentions, but then sometimes my intentions fall short of what I was trying to accomplish? I just need a little help in helping to master this skill. I finally understand that it is a skill as well.

Thank you for your insightful thoughts, they are appreciated.

Kimmie xoxox

Dear Kimmie,

We think you might be confusing the concept of intention with the process of goal setting. Intention can be more general, where goal setting has an attachment to a certain outcome. With an intention, it is up to your subjective judgment of whether the intention manifested or not. A goal usually has some quantifiable measurement attached to it.

Let’s look at some intentions.

I intend to enjoy myself. Do you see how this intention is general in nature and open to your personal interpretation? The only judge of whether the intention was successful is you. You had the choice to fulfill the intention or not. You were in complete control over the outcome and so by setting this intention, you pre-pave your own attitude in advance. I intend to have fun.

I intend to be social and friendly.
I intend to be charming and supportive.
I intend to be the life of the party.
I intend to clearly communicate my objectives in this meeting.
I intend for things to work out for me.
I intend to be well received. This intention may seem like it’s up to someone else, however, you are the judge of how you interpret other people’s opinion of you. You can’t know what they are actually thinking, you only know what you think they are thinking, and since you’re making that up anyway, you must tell a story that’s empowering. This intention helps you do just that.

I intend to eat well today.
I intend to get some fresh air and move my body.
I intend to be open to inspiration and then act on that inspiration.
I intend to see something new.
Intend to feel good.

Set your intentions so that they are general and every one of them will manifest. Get good at this and maybe you might become a bit more specific in the future. But then again, if you’re feeling good, why mess with a good thing?

With our love for you,
We are Joshua