Dear Joshua,

I would like to get your perspective on the idea to join the Joshua Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp, because it is similar to two other experiences I’ve had over the last few years. I did a Life Coaching course and a Writers Workshop which were both expensive. I felt led to both so the excitement was greater than the fear of spending the money. But since then I’ve only dabbled in both areas, not really pursuing them as a career. I still feel interested in both so would like some guidance around whether these experiences are stepping stones toward something else or if I’m just letting fear shut me down. Thanks so much. I’m really looking forward to this exciting new adventure.


Dear Kim,

When you are in a state of alignment, you will receive the inspiration that will guide you to your soul’s purpose. Prior to your birth, you set certain general intentions for the experience of life this time around. You intended to express your love to others in a form of acceptance. You intended to experience abundance and freedom, not to chase after money or security. You intend to expand through physical experiences in joy. And you also intended to explore a more specific aspect of physical reality. You were born at the right time and place, into the right family and physical body, and this created the trajectory that would allow you to explore physical reality as you intended prior to your birth.

Everything worked out perfectly. At times, you maintained your alignment long enough to receive inspiration. Often you followed that inspiration and those actions led you further along your path, which is a path of self-discovery. Since you are always expanding through experience, you are always on that path. However, now that you are here, you can choose whatever you like. From this point forward it is all up to you. You have explored reality as you intended and it has all been good. You have expressed your love, you have experienced abundance and freedom, and you have expanded. However, now you are feeling a calling to something more and this is evident by the fact that you were led to a coaching class and a writing class and of course, the bootcamp. What does this mean for you?

When feeling good, you receive inspiration. Fear will always arise at these times. The fear is over money, time, and the end result. However, all of those things are illusions. Money is not as tangible and finite as you imagine, time is an illusion, for the only time that exists is this moment, and the end result is not upon you in this moment. All you have is the Divine inspiration to act and so you simple push past your fears and take whatever action is right in front of you.

You were inspired to take a coaching class and you exchanged what you consider a large sum of money. In return, you justified that exchange of energy by imagining a certain outcome; possibly one where you would earn money. You exchanged a large sum of money to become a more proficient writer. You rationalized that decision by believing that this skill would enable you to do what you want to do. However, there is something missing. In order to fulfill your soul’s purpose, you need to understand more about who you really are. You must simply see yourself from a much higher perspective. You must come to fully know your absolute worthiness. When this happens, you will receive all that you want from a greater vibrational frequency, because it will seem natural to you.

And so now you embark on another course. What will this course bring you? It does not matter. Your vibration will raise in the process and you will see yourself from a higher perspective. You will know yourself more fully and so this is the perfect next step on your path of self-discovery. You think you want so many things and you are hoping that these classes lead you to the manifestation of those things. But the end manifestation of things is not what you intended. It is the experience of self-discovery that breathes life into your life. Find a way to be comfortable with the experience in a state of active participation, interest, curiosity and joy, and each step you take will be more fulfilling and exciting than the last.

Will you manifest all that you desire? That is up to you. That is part of your exploration. That depends on your ability to alter your set of beliefs. That will come when you see yourself as worthy of doing whatever it is you are inspired to do without too much attention to the outcome. The idea that any specific outcome must come to you is a form of control and it is resistant. In the time we will share together, stay in the moment, do the work in front of you, maintain your alignment, and release any thoughts of the future or the past. Release your judgment and enjoy your new endeavor. If you can do this, you will discover for the first time who you really are, how this system of reality really works, and your soul’s purpose will be revealed to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua