Dear Joshua,

After a manifestation event (a perceived negative one), where you know the limiting beliefs right away. Is desired action, after the fact, always only an urge one should not pursue? Or possibly, can a perceived negative manifestation can lead you to a desired action that is actually inspired and coming from a place of alignment and true desire?

Is this actually guidance from my inner being?

Further details… I had an altercation at work yesterday. Bickering / spat / fight … whatever you want to call it. I became defensive. Later in the day the broker told on me to my (our) boss, so further ‘discussions’ of a negative tone came again. I definitely got defensive and stood up for myself. I knew the limiting beliefs at the time. I knew to try and not care about any outcomes and not try to change conditions or care about what they thought. Obviously, it still evokes a lot of negative emotion. It gave me even more manifestation events to process the limiting beliefs.

– Caring what they thought of me.
– That I am not good
– That there’s something wrong with me.
– That they aren’t approving of me.

But now is any action possibly in alignment after the fact? Basically that action would/ could be to write to my managers and say I’m done working for that guy. I causes me too much stress and I don’t need it.

I just can’t figure out if that’s coming from an urge and trying to control conditions or actually coming from a more aligned place of not caring and just being done with it and being done treated that way?


Dear Kate,

You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. That is who you truly are and also who everyone else is. Sometimes, you are being a limited version of that and so is everyone else. What causes you to be the limited version of who you really are? Fear. What causes others to become the limited version of themselves? Fear. It’s all about fear. If you can remove the fear, you will become more authentic.

Your co-worker felt some fear and so there was a disagreement. The co-worker dipped into a lower emotional state and received an urge to change the condition. This person took action based in fear. That action caused you to dip into a lower emotional state yourself. You felt fear (that you are not good, worthy, liked, loved, respected, etc.) and you received urges to control the situation. It’s not unlike placing your hand on a hot stove. You have the immediate urge to pull it away, never mind the consequences. You perceive that action taken to control the situation will lead to the pain being eased.

However, the action will always be based in fear and never align with what you truly want. The more effective approach would be to do nothing and wait it out. Eventually, you will process the limiting beliefs at the root of your reaction and come back into alignment. In alignment you might just receive inspiration that will be to your benefit and to the benefit of all involved. The inspiration will not be designed to change the conditions, but rather to lead you forward to becoming more authentic.

Simply stated, acting on an urge to change the condition is a form of control and it is neither effective or aligned with who you really are and what you truly want. Acting on true inspiration comes from a place of knowing who you really are and acting in accordance with the highest version of you. If you had maintained your alignment, rather than sinking into a lower emotional state of being, you would not have been bothered by the co-worker’s actions. Instead, you would have seen it as simply a brief and temporary bit of fear. You chose to take it personally and react. This is due to the existence of a limiting belief. This was a manifestation event and it points to a highly intense limiting belief. This event was for your benefit.

If you are to become the truest version of you, the version you intended to explore prior to your birth, you must process this deeply-held limiting belief. If you do not process it, you will continue your exploration of who you are not. If you can process this limiting belief, the universe will place you in new manifestation events so that you can see the limiting belief from many different perspectives. This is what you want. You want to fully process this limiting belief and move toward becoming who you are. If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would thank your co-worker, for this person has given you a wonderful gift.

You do not want to tolerate being treated as if you are unworthy. That is good. You should not tolerate it. However, you need not control the conditions, the people or yourself. You need not change how they view you, because this event is simply making you more aware of your core limiting belief. If you want others to treat you as the magnificent and limitless being you truly are, you must address your vibration. Your vibration is responsible for the reality you are currently experiencing. Process this belief, your vibration will shift and your reality will change.

If you believed you were good and right and perfect as you are, your reality would constantly and consistently reflect that back to you. Because you have doubts about your worthiness, you must be shown this in the reflection of your reality. Never doubt yourself. Never take your magnificence for granted. Never underestimate your true power. Use what you know to address your limiting beliefs and start seeing yourself as perfect, worthy and good. See yourself the way we see you, the way your inner self sees you and the way Source sees you. You are perfect and worthy and good. Why doubt that? Simply because the outside conditions keep reflecting your worthiness back to you? That is the system of physical reality in action. We promise you that when you know your own value to All That Is, you will never, ever react with an urge to change the conditions. That’s because the conditions will always show you how worthy you truly feel.

With our love,
We are Joshua