Dear Joshua,

Observing myself through this new perspective can be quite horrifying at times. Every encounter is about my worthiness. No wonder my livelihood has not succeeded up until now. The thing I took my Dad and Step mum out at the knees over this year was all about me needing to be be seen as worthy.

I wander around all day saying it over and over: I am worthy and I am successful just the way I am (because I am and always have been a unique expression of love and acceptance).

I am having a few glimmers of what I am truly interested in when I am not chasing money or external self worth validation.

I love to dance.

I love plants and nature.

I love beautifully made things.

I have a deep appreciation for all of these.

I am afraid in the letting go and the surrender and yet I embrace it with courage, I know I will find my way! And I am comprehending the worthiness aspect more and more.

Please guide me in terms of the expectations aspect. You spoke about my limiting beliefs and expectations?

I surrender into putting it all down completely and picking myself up with me at the centre of my universe to express myself from the inside. I’m going in to come out.

In love and appreciation one day at a time,

Dear Julie,

We see that you are certainly aware of how you were being in the past and you are moving your vibration to a new level as you begin to understand that you are absolutely worthy and truly unique. You intended to come to Earth and explore certain aspects of physical reality in order to expand through experience while also experiencing joy along the way. You chose the time and place of your birth and the family you were born into because you knew this would lead you on a trajectory where you could experience what you came here to explore. Knowing this and knowing the conditions of your childhood, can you see how that trajectory created the conditions that lead you to explore the aspects of physical reality such as “Self-Worth?”

Had you lived a different childhood with different parents and different conditions, would you be able to discover that you are truly worthy in the way you are discovering it now? Would you be interacting with us as you are now? Would you be as interested in the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality as you are now? So then, you can truly say that everything in your past has led you perfectly to this point in time. From here, you can be, do and have anything you truly desire. It is all up to you.

You know that you are worthy and you know that you are unique. You need not say it any more because you know it. Do you know that all others are worthy and unique as well? Can you see that in your family members? Can you see it in the homeless man? If so, you are at a very high level of awareness. Now all you need to do is change your approach to life.

This is a feeling reality and the only thing that really matters is how you feel. If you feel good, you are aligned with your true self and you are creating your reality from that highly-charged position. You must strive to feel good and your reality will reflect your feelings. In the past, you had beliefs and expectations that did not serve you. It does no good to talk about those now because that was the past. Now you have an expectation that you can love others because you find them to be as worthy of your love as you are. You can allow yourself to be loved, without expectation or judgment, because you know you are worthy of another’s love.

You are moving to a position where you are not influenced by the opinions or beliefs of others. You understand now that they are here to explore certain aspects of reality and they will grow through their own experiences which have little to do with you. You can be a confident being of love regardless of how they behave. If it doesn’t feel good to be around them, then it is perfectly acceptable to remove yourself and focus on what you enjoy. You do not need to change them and you do not need to put yourself in uncomfortable positions. You also do not need to stand your ground or make them wrong.

It is important for you to understand that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe and they are not wrong either. You will not make yourself truly feel better by making them wrong. You can only feel better by accepting the conditions and trying to see the rightness in everything. This is your new approach to life and it will radically alter the quality of the conditions around you. As you slowly and gradually start to feel better, you will slowly and gradually begin to notice an improvement in the overall quality of your life. Things will be easier. Money will start to flow in gradually. There will be less drama. You will be happier. You will appreciate more. You will find your passions through pursuing your interests.

If you are not currently meditating a few minutes each day, now would be a great time to start. Sit quietly and take deep breaths while focusing on your breath, a noise in the room, or to a guided meditation. Start to take control of your thoughts through the practice of daily meditation.

Your perception of your reality comes to you through the thoughts you are thinking. Think thoughts that feel good and your perception of the world will improve. Put yourself in a place where you are focusing on pleasant thoughts while removing your attention from unpleasant subjects. This is all the work you need to do.