Hi Joshua and Friends,

Can you talk about the similarities and differences of our experience and how it has an effect on us when doing mediation vs listening to guided hypnosis vs tapping (EFT)?


Dear JoJo,

You have an inner self. Your inner self is always guiding you, as are your millions of guides and supporters and Source itself. You are either connected to the consciousness of Love or you are connected to the consciousness of Fear. The more often you are connected to Love consciousness, the more you will receive love-based ideas, wonderful thoughts and the inspiration to move forward into the life you intended to live. Connection to that powerful stream of consciousness based in love will provide you will all you will ever need.

Sometimes, you are more connected to the consciousness of Fear. Anytime you feel doubt, anger, frustration, boredom or any other bad-feeling emotion, you can know for sure that you are not in full alignment with Source consciousness. You are simply choosing a perspective that your inner self would never choose. Why do you do this? Because something has triggered a limiting belief. You are receiving guidance in the form of negative emotion, and this is being offered to you from your inner self, but you often ignore these messages. Your connection to your inner self is not strong enough to alter your perspective and to discover and analyze your limiting beliefs.

If you perceived that you had no control over how you feel and that the conditions, people, and events had all of the control over how you feel, you would be exploring physical reality from the perspective of a victim. This is not bad or wrong, but it is not pleasurable and it is not what you intended. You intended to maintain a strong connection with your inner self. You intended to feel good. You intended to receive guidance. You intended to live in a state of acceptance. You intended to live as a blended being, guided in every moment by your inner self. If you are not aware of the thoughts you are thinking, your limiting beliefs, or the guidance that is being offered, you do not have a strong connection with your inner self. You are the one who is floating through life without allowing the support and guidance to flow into your awareness from your inner self.

Your inner self is always with you in every moment. That inner you has always been aware of you and of every thought you have ever experienced in your past and present, and will always be there in your future. You cannot disconnect from your inner self fully, but you can always strengthen that connection. It is all up to you.

How does one strengthen that connection with their inner self? There are many ways to do that. You could read books, listen to podcasts and watch videos to become consciously aware of your inner self. You could meditate and become more and more aware of your thoughts. You could strive to feel good through exercise and diet. You could engage in yoga. You could participate in a bootcamp. You could experience Reiki, massage, or hypnotism. You could consult with a light-worker. And you could enjoy an EFT session. There are so many ways to strengthen the connection to your inner self.

When you feel good, you are connected. When you receive inspiration, you are connected. When you feel bad, you are blocking that connection to some degree. When you think something or someone is wrong, you are choosing to remove your awareness from the guidance that is being offered and instead, connect to the stream of consciousness of fear. So then, in fear you are disconnected. In love, acceptance, joy, interest, curiosity, exhilaration, excitement, etc. you are fully aligned with your inner self. You could do all sorts of things you maintain and strengthen that connection by simply doing whatever feels good.

If you feel disconnected, you are out of alignment and you will see your temporary disconnection as a permanent problem. In seeing that you are having a problem with your connection, you maintain the vibration of disconnection and you increase the momentum of feeling bad. The connection to your inner self will not solve any problems, it will simply feel good. So then, the best possible way to maintain your connection to your inner self, your guides and supporters, and to Source itself is to feel good. Whatever allows you to feel good will be the best way to maintain and expand your level of alignment. The choice is yours.

With our love,
We are Joshua