Dear Joshua & Laurel,

In Day 16 of the Bootcamp is a quote. It reminds us to stay focused in the now and not focused on the future, since now is what we have. I do understand that and the importance of focusing on how we feel in the present moment. The better we feel, the more we are aligned with our inner being. I just want to clarify how to be a conscious creator of our reality.

I understand that we don’t want to focus on “what Is” too much in the sense that we don’t want to focus on what has already manifested or anything unwanted. We do want to feel the good feeling emotions of what we want to manifest. To what degree of detail or how broad in scope should our vision be? I get tripped up on this.

For example, let’s take a hat. I have a small head. So I am creating a hat to come to me. I say that I intend the hat to be perfect in fit, wide enough to shield the sun, not too big to overwhelm my face. I say it will be light enough that I am not too hot and wont mess up my hair. It will go with all my summer outfits. It will feel comfortable to me, it will be flattering to my face and stature and I will love how I look in it and I will receive compliments and it will be at a price that is suitable for me or will be given to me. So I don’t state the color or size or brand etc. So this feels good to know I put it out there and it will come but I would like see if you have some examples of how specific or general to be please.

Thank you.
Jo Jo

Dear JoJo,

The term creator may imply that there is something for you to create. In the old approach to life of control, your tried to envision your desire in a highly specific way. You may set goals. You might choose the specific attributes of the desire. However, when manifesting anything, you are seeking the feeling of it. This is a feeling reality and all you are ever doing is feeling something. You think through the manifestation of your desire that you will feel something when it has manifested. However, if you do not feel that feeling now, it will not be what you think it should. The conscious creator leaves the specifics to the universe and simply focuses on the cultivation of a feeling.

Let’s say you want to manifest a hat. Not just any hat, but an extraordinary hat. You envision the color, the size, the quality and the price. You form the idea of the hat in your mind and you imagine it in great detail. But are you thinking about the feeling you will receive from the hat? That idea is a little different, isn’t it? So then, why do you want this particular hat? Why not let the universe bring you a hat that you cannot presently imagine? One that you will instantly recognize as the right hat when you cast your eyes upon it.

You exist at a certain vibration in this moment. The vibration of your desire exists at a different frequency. If you were a match to your desire now, it would be manifested in your reality now. However, you exist in another vibration that isn’t a match to your desire and this is why it has not manifested. You must raise your vibration to become a match to your desire. It will never lower its vibration to become a match to you. From your current vibrational level, you are not even a match to the imagination of your desire. You can only imagine something from your present perspective and that is limited. The universe sees all from the highest perspective. When you birth a desire, it is already there waiting for you. There is nothing for you to do other than take the vibrational journey to become a match to it. Then it will pop into your reality. However, it is not really the desire you seek, it’s the journey from where you are now vibrationally to where you will expand to. The desire creates the journey. You create your vibration every step along the way. This is how you create your reality.

Imagine if you knew the difference between what you think you wanted and what you truly wanted. If you did, you would not plan anything. You would simply practice your alignment in every moment. When you get specific on what you think you want, you interfere with the natural process of manifestation. Here’s why: If you want something badly and it seems like it’s coming to you, based on your perspective in the moment, you will feel good and maintain your alignment. However, if what you think you want seems like it’s not coming to you, then you fall out of alignment. If it doesn’t come at all (because its manifestation into your reality is not needed), then you will expand through this experience in suffering. Since you intended to expand in joy, we offer another option.

If you leave it all up to the intentions you set prior to your birth and you allow the universe to bring you the most elegant manifestation of your desire, then you do not need to do anything other than maintain your alignment and act when inspired. This is what allowing and acceptance is all about. If you could do this, all the wonderful feelings you intended to experience prior to your birth would flow to you effortlessly and easily. Your life would be limitless and magnificent beyond belief. However, this is not what you do, is it?

You generally birth your desires from a place of lack. You say, “I don’t have enough money, so I desire more money.” Since the desire is based in fear and lack, all you will receive are urges to change the conditions. No matter how much money you accumulate, it will never be enough. You say, “I don’t feel love, so I want someone who loves me.” If you do not feel love now, it would make no sense for the universe to provide you with an abundance of love. You are exploring lack of love and wishing things were different. In that low emotional state, you receive urges to change the conditions. You might even manifest a romantic relationship, but no matter how hard your mate tries to show you love, you will never see it. That’s because you are still focused on lack of love hoping the conditions will change to make you feel something you do not already feel.

You intended to express your love and acceptance to yourself, all others and the conditions as they exist in the moment. You intended to experience true abundance and freedom, not lack and limitation. You intended to expand in joy, not in suffering. If you would like to experience the life you intended to live, you must think more about the feeling you want to experience and leave the details to the universe. Cultivate the feeling internally, be as general as you can, and you will be very, very happy with what manifests.

With our love,
We are Joshua