Dear Joshua,

For a person who is into spiritual channeling messages such as your self, what happens to you when this physical body no longer is alive? Do you turn to dust and becomes non-existent? R u absorbed back to whatever God is? I really need to know this please!


Dear John,

There are two realms of existence; the physical and the nonphysical. You came here for the experience of physical reality, yet this is not your home. Your home is the nonphysical. You are an eternal being who can never die. You will always exist. Sometimes you’re focused in the physical, like now, and sometimes you’re focused in the nonphysical. When you are no longer interested in the physical environment, you will decide to turn your attention to the nonphysical and you will transcend to that realm.

Physical experience has the aspects of space and time which are not present in the nonphysical realm. To you it appears as if time is moving along and with each day that passes you grow a little older until one day you will die. From your perspective it may seem like death is the end of existence, but it is not. It is simply the means by which you move from this physical form of reality back to the nonphysical reality from where you came.

When you were born, you transitioned from the nonphysical to the physical. You did not die in the nonphysical and were born into the physical, you simply moved the bulk of your attention from one reality to another. It is far more uncomfortable to move from nonphysical to physical (birth) than from physical to nonphysical (death). When you reemerge into the nonphysical, you will experience a feeling of total consciousness and enlightenment. You will suddenly “get it.” You will shed your fears, anxieties and insecurities and move rapidly from a physical being living in fear to an eternal being living in love. It is quite a pleasurable experience indeed.

However, you need not wait to die to experience this. You can see your world for what it is and choose to release you fears and live in love. There is nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. You can choose whatever subjects you like to explore, yet see the benefit and exhilaration those subjects give you. See the good and forget about your judgment of bad or wrong. Everything is okay. Everything will work out. You are only here for a short time, so have fun and make the most of it. Enjoy your life.