Dear Joshua,

You said that “everyone creates their own reality.” But what I don’t get is that what about those who died because of hunger and dying because of hunger, like famine; do they create their reality too? I just don’t understand why would someone create this kind of reality for themselves. Is it because of ignorance and some other reasons also? Or I am really just seeing projection of my own thoughts as you said “others cannot create in your reality”? Or its BOTH as being a vibration match to it all?


Dear John,

What would happen if you thought that rather than creating your reality, you were a victim of fate? As you looked around at the dreadful conditions that surrounded you, you would not have a hope of surviving this. Famine, disease, war, hatred, would be all you knew. How would you be able to rise above this? It would be very difficult. Now let’s imagine that you live in The U.S. You have access to food, education and health care. You have the ability to earn an income, you have certain freedoms, you can live the life you please and even consider the possibility that you actually have a hand in the creation of your own reality. What now? Are you also a victim of your circumstances, or do you feel empowered to rise above and shape your own destiny?

Let’s say you chose your family, and the time and location of your birth prior to your emergence into this reality. Why would you choose this? So that you might set yourself up on a specific trajectory that has a strong possibility of leading you toward that which you are here to explore. Now then, what is the trajectory that you set up in advance of your birth? Who are your parents? What are they like? Where and when were you born? Why did you choose this? Have you found passion and interest in this life and are you currently exploring certain aspects of reality that fascinate you?

Let’s go on and think about why you came to explore reality in the first place. What’s the point of it all? We will tell you. You came to expand through experience. Does this make any sense to you? Imagine that you reside in the nonphysical realm. In this version of nonphysical reality, which is your home, you can manifest anything in an instant with just a thought. You are neither here nor there, you are here and there. You know no fear, you are limitless. This is a given. This is the state of your reality. You exist in total abundance, well-being and love.

But how would you frame your point of reference given that you are limitless? Abundance is meaningless without the experience of lack. Love is meaningless without the experience of fear. Well-being is meaningless without the experience of desperation. Therefore, many come here to experience what is impossible to know in the nonphysical for the purposes of expansion through these experiences.

When you see another suffer, you recoil and wish to help in some way. This is admirable, yet the one who suffers is a match to their specific experience and it is always right for them. You cannot imagine it because you are simply not a match to it. Help if you must, you will find your assistance met with animosity. This is because they are here to experience this exact aspect of physical existence in order to expand and learn from the experience. It is perfectly right for them, even if it seems wrong to you.

While you have embarked on this journey in physical reality to explore certain fascinating aspects, you were determined to experience joy as well. You will expand as a result of your experiences, yet you might expand while you are here living as you do. Rather than the expansion taking place after you transition to the nonphysical upon your death, you can gain from the experience now and move to a whole new level in this lifetime.

The poverty stricken child can rise above his condition to become wealthy and serve a new purpose. This is the potential given all. You may rise above your experience and achieve a level of consciousness based in joy. You can become more in this lifetime. You can move to new levels and change your life today. You have the power of free will and you can decide in this moment what is right for you.

This version of physical reality is an individual experience. Each person, each animal, and each and every organism is on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. You are on that journey as well. It happens to be a selfish journey, because you cannot create in the lives of anyone else.

You create your own reality through the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and desires that flow through your consciousness. Be at peace with that and know that the only way you can help another is through your example of alignment with what you want and who you really are.

You are loved more than you can imagine,