Hi Joshua,

I noticed that I have a lot of questions for you while I sleep but then I don’t send them. I talk myself out of it saying Gary is too busy. (LB of worthiness). Right now I feel inspired to ask something totally different than all my other questions because I am now acting on an inspiration.

As I am doing my daily work, I wrote down that yesterday I had an inspiration to find out how people express their love. Then my next thought was I can post on FB to see if there would be volunteers that would be interested in being interviewed for this. So I realize this is just my curiosity. I have MANY of them. Then I think, why am I doing this? What would be the purpose? I will just go down another rabbit hole and for what reason? I know I am a very curious person. So I have a few questions about this and this process.

These thoughts “Why am I doing this?”, “What is my purpose for this?” So these thoughts aren’t limiting beliefs, but I guess these are the questions that shroud the limiting belief of fear? Is this right? As I do this work I have more of these questions that don’t appear to be a Limiting Belief that I can say is “false” or “true”.

I know I have these limiting beliefs “I don’t have the time for this”. (I know this is false, we all have the same amount of time and the freedom to choose how we use it). My next question is about Self Sabotage. If I were to move forward with this inspiration, I also do believe that I am self-sabotaging myself by not focusing on income producing activities such as work or finding a job. So I would like clarification on how it seems like many of my inspirations that come during the day tend to derail me from my work. I rarely spend time on my business, and I believe I am self-sabotaging myself but why?

And, I realize this is only week 3 now but as I process my limiting beliefsā€¦I can prove they are false but I am not internalizing the new belief in my heart or in my beingness or in other words the “truth” isn’t yet resonating with me and that bothers me.

I would love your clarity around all my thoughts and feelings.

I love you both so much!!
JoAnn (Jo Jo)

Dear JoAnn,

The belief that you can sabotage yourself is a limiting belief. It is limiting because when you receive inspiration to take some action, you’ll judge that idea based on whether you perceive that it will lead to some beneficial result or not. If you think it will produce a beneficial outcome, you might proceed. If you doubt the outcome will be productive, you do not proceed. This is a limiting way to conduct your life.

You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. That’s the authentic version of you. The current version is limited. Your beliefs are either beneficial and empowering or limiting. The beneficial beliefs are responsible for the wonderful life you live right now. However, the limiting beliefs prevent you from becoming a vibrational match to your desires and so this keeps them from manifesting them into your reality. In order to become a vibrational match to everything you truly want and to the unfolding of who you really are, you must process those limiting beliefs. As you process your limiting beliefs, you reduce the intensity of the associated fear. This is important. As the intensity of your fears are reduced, you’ll be more able to push past them to do whatever you are inspired to do.

You cannot know where a inspiring idea will lead you. However, you can know for certain, that it will lead to your expansion just as you intended. If you act when inspired, no matter what the action is, it will always be for your highest good. As you are currently focused on lack (due to issues around worthiness), you are exploring this subject and so you will receive an abundance of experiences that cause you to reevaluate your worthiness. If you process your beliefs as they become known to you through manifestation events, you will start to lessen the intensity of your limiting beliefs around your own worthiness. It is this idea that you are unworthy that you could say causes you to believe that you can sabotage yourself. From a higher perspective, as the fullest version of yourself, you would know that this isn’t accurate.

You are exploring the idea that you are unworthy of certain things, experiences and outcomes. This simply isn’t true, but there is nothing wrong with spending a little time in the exploration of unworthiness. As you begin to see that the idea of unworthiness is a fabrication derived from limiting beliefs, you can know for certain that as you process those limiting beliefs and prove to yourself that they are false, your perspective will raise. When you view yourself from a higher perspective, as a worthy being, your reality will shift. Your reality will always mirror how you feel about yourself.

Do not deny yourself your interests. Follow your interests. Your natural state of being is curious. This is an exploration of self. Name another explorer who wasn’t curious. Curiosity is perfectly aligned with who you really are. However, your exploration of self will not make you feel worthy. This can only be accomplished by completely and absolutely accepting yourself as you are, all others as they are and the world around you as it is. It is the complete and absolute acceptance of all that is. If you can do this, without doubting the results and outcomes, you will be led easily and effortlessly to where you truly want to go.

Stop trying to make things happen on your own and trust that your guides and inner self will lead you there. You must not consider the outcome of an inspired idea. You must have faith that it will lead to your highest good. Doubt and fear do not serve you. Become courageous and act when inspired to act. This will lead to the life you truly desire.

With our love,
We are Joshua