Dear Joshua,

I’m interested in communicating with animals and other physical beings—plants, trees, rocks, clouds, etc.—for their inherent wisdom. I once communed with a Giant Sequoia who invited me to understand and see the Big Picture of creation. The information I received was so beautiful that I wrote an essay about it. On a different occasion, I interacted with a group of wasps and felt great love, connectedness and gratitude flowing both ways.

In week 5 of the Bootcamp material, you mentioned that how a human living in the old approach to life is more limited than how another human sees Source from the new approach to life. That statement made sense to me.

You also said that how a squirrel sees Source is less limited than how an ant sees Source. That statement intrigued me.

I always assumed that non-human beings were balancers of energy, helpers that regulated (human) resistance on Earth. So I was surprised to learn that their perception of Source varies—and apparently to great degrees.

Could you explain how, and why, a squirrel’s perception of Source is less limited than ant’s?

Do the animals that we perceive as highly intelligent and wise (owls, eagles, whales, dolphins or elephants) have the least limited perception of Source? What about an amoeba? Or bacteria and microbes? I find it strange that their perception of Source would be more limited. After all, non-humans aren’t limited by an old approach to life. Or are they?

I understand that a limited perception of Source is just as valid as an unlimited perception of Source. Still, I am curious to know which non-human beings on Earth currently have the least limited perception of Source.

lease help me expand my understanding in this regard.

Thank you so much.
With love,

Dear Jessica,

Evolution is really the evolution of perspective. It is moving from a limited perspective to a limitless perspective. Think of a single-cell omega. It is conscious, that is true, but its perspective is limited to how it feels. It feels connected to Source. It feels good. It does not feel fear or emotional pain. It does not perceive that anything wrong is happening. This perspective is fully aligned with Source’s perspective, yet it is a highly limited perspective. It cannot see Source fully. It only has the direct connection with Source. It, from its limited perspective, cannot feel less than Source. It only has one perspective; it is Source.

A limited perspective of Source is not a good or bad thing. This environment was designed to encapsulate and aggregate infinite perspectives. Once a perspective has been achieved, then it must evolve to something more, otherwise the system would serve no more useful purpose. The system of physical reality allows for the perspectives and perceptions of Source to evolve, mutate, change and expand. This is how Source gains a better understanding to itself. You are an aspect of Source, experiencing the most limitless perspective of Source so far. That means that the illusion that you are not Source is vital to your exploration of physical reality.

Yes, you are Source. No you don’t feel as if you are Source. You abide by the illusion that you are an individual human on earth living a human life. You feel intense disconnection with Source. In fact, your illusion of disconnection is higher and stronger than any other life form. Yet, paradoxically, you have come to understand that you are Source. Do you see how limitless this perspective is? A squirrel does not doubt he is Source the way you doubt it. The Squirrel does not know he is Source the way you know it. Therefore your perspective of Source is more nuanced and less limited.

When you receive a perspective from a great sequoia, you can understand how the sequoia realizes it is Source, does not doubt this perspective, and yet, the perspective is limited compared to yours. The Sequoia has no bills to pay, has no perception of future or past, cannot read or watch the news, and cannot move in time and space the way you can. Your perspective is greater, broader and wider. As is your confusion. The sequoia remains in near-perfect alignment. You, by the influence of your beliefs and fears, move in and out of alignment.

When you communicate with a group of wasps and feel great love, you are feeling their perspective. You are experiencing their alignment. They have very little fear and so they exist in a state of love. They do not waiver, as you do, and so their perspective is limited compared to yours and less limited compared to the sequoia.

The animals who you perceive as intelligent have less limited perspectives, because they are able to experience fear more directly. Most animals simply experience fear from a predator-prey viewpoint. The gazelle exists in a state of alignment the vast majority of time. When it catches the scent of a predator, it receives fear and it acts on an urge to change the conditions. Once the threat has dissipated, the gazelle returns to its natural state of alignment, love and well-being. The lion does not feel fear in the same way as the gazelle. Its fear is more nuanced and less limited. The lion feels fear during battles of supremacy, mating and occasionally during a hunt. When the fear has dissipated, the lion returns to full alignment. Each and every animal comes into physical reality to experience itself as an aspect of Source in a way that has never been as possible previously. It is the evolution of perspective.

Humans have also evolved in perspective. Think of the experience of life that was available to humans of your time a thousand years ago, five hundred years ago, one hundred years ago, and even fifty years ago, compared to the abundance of experiences available to you today. You experience every aspect of physical human life in more abundance. You can travel to nearly any location, talk to any other person, and access any information. Your perspective is less limited than at any time in the history of your society. You are at the tip of the evolution of perspective.

And so as you navigate your reality, you somehow stumbled onto these teachings. You found yourself interested in ideas beyond the realm of your physical environment. This has led you to an even greater perspective; one that has never been available before.

You now see yourself as an aspect of Source as well as an isolated individual speck of humanity living on a soaring ball of life cruising through the universe on its way to infinity. Now that is something new indeed. Bravo!

With our love,
We are Joshua