Dear Joshua,

Joshua, first of all, I am so grateful for the access to this wisdom and I feel like it is changing me and allowing me to be more connected, which is my goal everyday. I am grateful for your intelligence and loving answers. My question is… do you all know me and my experiences in this life? More specifically, are you aware of the physical being I know as myself? Or is it more that you know the fuller version of me (my inner being, who is not singularly focused)? For example, do you know of life events that I experience, both past and present (and dare I ask, future?)? Are you aware of all my lives that may being going on simultaneously? Is my inner being part of Joshua? That’s probably more than enough lumped into “one” question.


Dear Jennifer,

We are so eager to talk to you again and your questions are such fun for us. It is easier for us to explain that you have an inner self who is constantly and consciously aware of you to the most minute detail. Your inner self is aware of your past and the trajectory of many probable futures. There is so much more to this, but it is of a very high level that would cause confusion to you and to the others who may read this answer. While we would love to be more specific, we see that you and most others are not ready to hear everything. You will only understand what you are ready to hear based on your progress to this point. Anything above that will be missed or misunderstood.

We as Joshua, in which your inner being is a part, are focused on your present vibration. While we could examine your past, it is not necessary because your current vibration is the culmination of your entire life including your past. However, where you are is where you are and your present is your point of power. The past is meaningless unless you hold onto it. If it makes you happy to think of the past then that’s fine. If not, release it as we do. We are focused on the present.

We are always focused on the you that is the fullest version of you. We only see the positive, the best, the most wonderful, the most fun, the most adventurous side of you. We ignore your bad moods, your complaints, your anger, etc. for that is not the fullest version of you. While it is fine to experience all of those emotions as they are a natural and integral part of your being as a human, it’s not what we focus on.

It’s interesting to say that you have many lives going on simultaneously, and while that’s true, you as the you we are talking to, or the you that is reading this material, is experiencing only one life as a series of countless moments. We are focused with you in this life. This is the only life you know and we are here now talking to you in this life. As far as you’re concerned, or need to think about, this life is the one that matters. From here you can make anything happen. From this vantage point you have total control over every aspect of your experience.

We really want you to know that the you we are talking to is powerful beyond measure. You are an incredibly unique and enlightened being. You know more about the mechanism of reality that almost everyone else alive on this planet. If you could see your vibration as compared to those you hold in esteem you would see that you were equal to all of them in your worthiness and more advanced than many of them in your understanding of reality and the laws of the universe. This is a great tool if you can learn to use it properly.

To use your powers to your highest benefit you must accept your worthiness, practice you knowledge of the universe, and release your fears and worries. If you know what you know then you can see your own limiting beliefs are holding you apart from what you really desire. You can have it all. It’s not one over the other. Relax and allow yourself to fully appreciate what you have and then think about how your beliefs may be limiting in light of what you know about reality.

We have intentionally framed our answer to lead you in the direction we desire. If you can pick up on this, your next question will lead you even further. We can’t wait to hear that one.