Dear Joshua,

It appears that we often have to choose between the truth and a "white lie", so as not to hurt one’s feelings, is this a good idea?


Dear Hugh,

The truth is nothing more than your perception of the truth. It is not a tangible, identifiable thing. The truth is not consistent nor does it have any inherently valuable qualities. Most often, the truth is quite limiting.

You can choose what’s true for you. You can create your own truth. Nothing is set in stone. You may make the truth whatever you want it to be. From your perspective, you must start seeing the truth in ways that serve you and do not limit who you really are.

A white lie is what you want the truth to be. If you could create your preferred truth, that would be the message you’re conveying with the white lie. This, then, is the truth you prefer. You can believe in this and through the mechanism of physical reality, this will become the truth. What you believe is the truth and you can choose your beliefs. You can choose to believe that things are good or bad. It is up top you. Whatever you believe will come true. It’s a matter of your focus. Do you want good things to come? Then believe they will and by the mechanism of universal laws, they must come true. It is law and cannot be otherwise.

So keep telling white lies, but change the name to white truths. Keep looking for the best in people and they will show your their best. Keep looking for positive aspects and they will continue to reveal themselves to you.

You are loved more than you can imagine.