Dear Joshua,

I’m reading about intentions and am a little confused. You mention that in order toachieve movement toward anything you desire, you must intend to do so. I have always been told that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and one must do more than just have intentions, one must do something toward achieving what they intended to have. Did I miss something?


Dear Hugh,

Thank you for your thought provoking question. We can understand why you have questions regarding intention as you have experienced the intentions of others that have not worked out well. You believe their intentions may have been misguided or wrong. And while those intentions did not seem to work out in a way that most would believe was right or proper, they were indeed the intentions of those at the time.

For instance, the explorers who sought to find a passage to India and instead found the New World certainly had a different intention. If you were one of the indigenous people of that time, you might believe their intention was wrong for it certainly seemed to interfere with your life. However, the intention itself was in alignment with those forming the intention at the time. It had to do with what they wanted and, while it ended differently than they expected, it was certainly in alignment with their true desires.

It is difficult to look at the intentions of others and see what their vibration was like at the time the intention was formed. You cannot see or know what they were vibrating. Just understand that the universe, through the Law of Attraction, delivered to them the true essence of their desire. They did nothing on their own. We will explain what we mean.

You birth a desire which comes as a result of life experience. You create preferences for what you want. Now, once the desire has been created, the universe works to bring you to that desire. The universe works to mold you into the vibrational being you must become to recognize the manifestation of your desire when it arrives. In your current state, you are not ready for your desire. Mainly, you do not hold the set of beliefs necessary for the desire to come to you. Mostly, the universe is working to change or modify your belief system so that the desire can manifest in your reality.

If you believed in the desire, if you believed that you were ready to have what you desired, if you believed you were worthy of your desire, you would have your desire in your physical reality. It would already be there. But your beliefs are out of whack with what you want so the universe has to create events that cause you to adjust your beliefs. Once your beliefs are aligned with that thing you want, poof, that thing becomes a part of your reality. Then you birth a new desire and you start all over again. It is simply a never-ending process of aligning your beliefs with your desire.

So how does intention fit into all of this manifestation business? The intention is simply the mental recognition of your desire in the moment. An intention sets the stage for your beliefs to be molded and your desire to manifest. It creates the framework so that the universe may fill in anything that might be missing. It lays the groundwork. It paves the road ahead. The intention creates an environment where your desire can come more easily.

The intention is powerful because it is made in the present moment. All of your power to deliberately create your reality is in the present moment. An intention is a thought about what you want. Since most of your thoughts are random; some of what you want and some thoughts of what you don’t want, an intentions focuses your thoughts, in the moment, on what is wanted. This is how you deliberately create the reality you prefer.

When you wake in the morning, spend a few minutes contemplating your day. See your day unfold as you would like it to be. See yourself eating well, driving safely, interacting with others in a manner you prefer. See your work as fulfilling and enjoyable. See your interactions with others as light-hearted and fun.

Before you walk into a room, imagine that the others will react warmly to your presence. See yourself as valuable. Think nice thoughts about all who will be in that environment. Intend to enjoy yourself and watch what happens.

When you pull into a parking lot, intend for the first space to be available. When you shop in a store, intend for the lines to be empty. When you drive your car, intend to notice all of the other good drivers rather than the few annoying drivers. You can look to any aspect of your day and intend for it to be the way you want it to be,

Intention is an art that must be practiced. You have lived most of your life without any thought being given to how you want conditions to be. You have not, up to this point, deliberately used your powers of creation. You are starting to use them now. It takes practice and discipline. You will not be successful immediately. But, with practice, you will see signs of your creation. You will intent to get the first parking spot, and one day it will be available. You will intend for people to be nice to you, and one day you will receive a smile from a stranger. You will intend to enjoy your work and you will notice how more enjoyable it is.

Intentions simply allow you to visualize the day as you would want it to be. Start intending, start visualizing what is wanted, and it will start coming to you. Remove your attention from anything unwanted and start thinking about what you prefer. That is all intention is, but it is quite powerful, especially if you have not practiced it before.

Action comes as a response to thought. Thought occurs first and action follows. Often, you provide action out of needing to do something in order to make things happen. This is uninspired action and is carried out in the void of intention. When there is no intention, there is often uninspired action. When there is intention, the action that follows is inspired. Inspired action carries with it the leverage of universal forces and has tremendous power to create what is wanted. Uninspired action has no leverage and little power to create. So think of inspired action coming from intention and you will know when to act. Intend for things to be good and you will be inspired to do good things.

You are loved and appreciated more than you can imagine,