Dear Joshua,

I feel drawn to learn to channel and help people heal. I’m a licensed professional now and I feel drawn to change how I do psychotherapy. How do I learn to trust to allow channeling? I meditate and see symbols and hear words but I’m just beginning in learning to receive messages.


Dear Gina,

First, in order to help people heal, you must understand that nothing is wrong with them and in fact, they are perfect as they are. If they require an experience during their time in physical reality, then that is for their highest good. However, once they have had that experience, they may choose something else. You cannot choose for them or create in their reality. If they seek your assistance, because they are ready to experience something more, then they will be drawn to you (or whoever else it might be) because they are ready. It will always be their vibration that will allow them to receive whatever you have to offer. You cannot be of any assistance to anyone by seeing them as in need of help in any way. The belief that they need your help is created by a limited perspective based in fear. From the higher perspective, there is no wrong and nothing is ever anything other than perfect.

Everything is right and there is no wrong. Everything is perfect as it is because it is a vibrational match to whatever the person is vibrating at the time. If they want to experience something else, they must become a vibrational match to that new feeling. The vibration is affected, influenced, and formed in association with one’s beliefs. In order to emit a new vibrational frequency, one must alter their set of beliefs. By focusing on one’s beliefs (especially with regard to how they perceive themselves) you can assist them in the alteration of their beliefs and in doing so, you affect their vibration and thus, their reality.

Again, there is nothing wrong with the current reality that they are experiencing, for it is a perfect match to the vibration they are offering. Everyone comes to physical reality to expand from experiences. Therefore, as long as the person is having experiences, they are expanding and growing. However, if they now choose to become a vibrational match to a new reality based on what they prefer, you can influence them if they are ready. If not, there’s nothing you can do for them. It is always up to the individual.

Channeling is the most natural thing in the world. You channel now, but you are not aware of it. When you write, you are channeling to a degree. When you critique your writing, you are dropping your perspective and coming out of alignment. When you feel good, you will receive inspiration. It might be vivid and clear or subtle. The point here is that when you feel good, you are connected to nonphysical energies and voices. When you perceive that anything is wrong or that you should be doing something better or differently, you drop out of the good-feeling state and you lose access to the infinite intelligence that will come through you when you regain your connection.

In order to channel, you must detach yourself from whatever you are writing, speaking, painting, singing, etc. What you bring forth from the nonphysical does not define you. It does not mean you are good or bad, right or wrong. It is just a flow of information intended for whoever is participating with you. If you attach your worth to it, it will become important and thus fear will become involved. Whenever you allow in fear or doubt, you make it much more difficult to maintain your alignment.

When you are feeling good, you are looking at the world from a perspective that matches your inner self’s perspective. The communication lines are open. When you feel fear or doubt, you disconnect yourself from the flow of information and instead you receive urges to change the conditions.

When you channel, you will receive thoughts. The thoughts will feel like your thoughts, because if they come to you, they are yours. We understand that it might be easier for you to receive distinct voices in your head, but this is not how the system works. You receive thoughts and ideas. You have always received thoughts and ideas. These thoughts were sent to you by your inner self, guides and supporters and even by Source itself. This is true of everyone. You do not manufacture thoughts in your head. You receive thoughts and ideas. If you can get good at receiving thoughts while in a goodfeeling state of flow, you can write whatever you receive and in that you are channeling.

Just write, write, write, and see what comes out. We think that with practice, patience and continuity, you’ll begin to channel distinct messages that only you can bring forth.

With our love,
We are Joshua