Dear Joshua,

I have been able to keep myself in positive alignment for many months now. The results are there and am finding more peace and laughter. However, I have noticed that many times a day I am coming in contact with the number 26.

Usually it will be a casual glance at the clock, but it also has grabbed my attention in license plates, addresses/signs, the number of emails I have in my inbox, even in the time stamp of music or TV – I will randomly pause at a :26 mark. Another example happened yesterday while waiting in line, a young man in front of me was wearing a sports jersey with the number 26 on it. When I notice the number I am never looking for it, but I turn around and there it is.

I was born on 2/26. The address of my Dad’s small office building -which he owns, and was also owned by his father since the 1950’s, is 26. My first telephone number ended in 226.

This is a daily occurrence, multiple times a day, and I always smile and recognize it as a gentle reminder from the universe that I am focused on the right things.

My question: if numbers are a vibrational match to the universe, what is the significance of 26, and how can I “lean into it” ?

With love,

Dear Geoffrey,

The number 26 has meaning to you in this physical life. If you are presented with this special number (for you), you notice it. It is an easy number for you to pay attention to and recognize when you see it. You are now discovering that there is more going on here in physical reality than you previously thought. You are awakening to a new reality. When you see the number 26, you can know that you are being inspired to look over here and see the number. You are becoming cognizant of deliberate inspiration.

Your inner self as well as your millions of guides and supporters, some of who you have known in physical reality, are guiding you to your soul’s purpose. You are noticing inspiration more and more and now you are acting on that inspiration. When you receive inspiration, fear pops up. The fear limits you from acting on inspiration. Sometimes, you push past the fear and other times you remain limited, because you do not understand the source of your inspiration.

When you are inspired to look over here and you see the recognizable number 26, you can instantly realize what is happening. You are being guided, you receive inspiration, you look over there and you see a number that means something to you. Because it’s just a look, there is little resistance and the fear is inconsequential. You don’t even notice it. However, as you gain the ability to receive and act on more and more inspiring thoughts, the fears will become larger (by your perception). In the past, when you received inspiration, you did not understand the source. You perceived that it was a random thought being generated by your mind. You didn’t think that much of it. Fear pooped up and because you didn’t understand the true source of that idea, you discounted it. The little fears around it stopped you from taking action.

Imagine that you do not manufacture thoughts in your mind, but you actually receive and transmit thoughts. Your mind is not a thought factory, it’s a receiver and a transmitter. What you receive in your reality is directly related to the thoughts that run through your receiver/transmitter. When you are in alignment, you receive inspired thoughts and ideas. These are presented to you by your inner self. Your inner self knows every thought you think and all that you intended to explore prior to your birth. It knows your true desires. Your true desire is to love and accept yourself, all others and the world around you. It’s to experience abundance and freedom. It’s to expand in joy. Your true desire is to find your soul’s purpose.

You came to physical reality with the intention to discover your soul’s purpose and to live in bliss engaged in that purpose. You are moving to that right now. The numbers 2 and 6 relate to that purpose. You are learning what duality is in the physical life and you will soon be reprogramming the notion that some subjects are bad and wrong while others are good and right. There is no bad or wrong anywhere in the universe. Those possibilities exist only from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, everything is actually good and right. When you learn to see things from another perspective, you will understand how this is true and why it is a crucial component of living your soul’s purpose.

You will transition from the approach of duality, to the harmonious approach of neutrality. You must understand how duality causes one to live as a victim. Since you and all other people are the creators of your reality, you must abandon the approach of duality in favor of neutrality. You are on that path now and your guides are assisting you every step of the way. When you see 2 and 6 in your day, you can know that you are taking their guidance in those moments.

With our love,
We are Joshua