Dear Joshua,

The following prayer was given so that we might be able to release people and things that might not be on our path. Please tell us what do you think?


I accept all people, places and things that are a part of my path.
I ask that all people, places, and things that are a part of my path come to me.
I release all people, places and things that are not a part of my path.
I ask that all people, places and things that are not a part of my path release me

Gary Bodley

Dear Gary,

We see great merit in this prayer, but there might be a little flaw in it. Let’s see if we can explain. All people, places, and things that manifest in your life are a part of your path. Unless you are a vibrational match, they cannot manifest into your reality. This goes for everyone and everything. You have become a vibrational match to it all. Do you need to release it? That depends. If thinking about it feels good, then don’t release it. If thinking about it feels bad, then it might help to release it.

But why release it if it feels bad? Wouldn’t it be more spiritually empowering to analyze the feelings it stirs up and then identify a limiting belief? Maybe yes, maybe no. The nice thing about a bad feeling (any negative emotion) is that it lets you know where you stand vibrationally. The thought you are thinking that causes negative emotion means that you are not thinking about the subject in a way that aligns with what you want. Using this information you can choose to look at it from the higher perspective (of your inner self) and you’ll feel better about it.

Really, this is your work whenever you receive guidance in the form of emotion. Look at what it is that’s causing the bad feeling, identify the underlining fear that is the basis of a limiting belief, and then soothe yourself by looking at it from the higher perspective. This will reduce the intensity of the limiting belief and in time you’ll start to feel better whenever you think of that subject.

However, when something is too painful and there’s no way to soothe yourself, then we see great benefit in this prayer. Think about what the prayer is actually doing. It’s altering a limiting belief by switching your perspective from one that’s limited to the higher perspective of your inner self. How marvelous is that?

Now that you know that you can do this with anything that causes negative emotion, you have just gained control over your thoughts and feelings. This causes your vibration to raise and you automatically drift downstream toward everything you want. This is the power of alignment.