Dear Joshua,

I am inspired to join the Academy and like the sound of it but I am really really scared too. The 1st thing that came up for me when you shared was – you can’t do this Fabienne. Who are you to do this? When you talked about putting ourselves out there and building our tribe, I got even more scared.

Unlike Bex and Wendy, I know my passion – the field of education and I can see from my life path how it has got me where I am but I am scared stiff to move forward.

This week I feel like I have regressed (I know we can’t go back and I can’t be who I was prior to the bootcamp) but I have been looking at my LBs around my body (and shape), how much I eat compared to what I believe I should be eating/weighing and my worthiness. They keep coming. It’s scary and tiring… This week I don’t feel worthy and I feel like I have been protecting my persona. Work has presented me with lots of positive manifestation events with opportunities to run workshops for staff wellbeing but also lots of more challenging manifestation events for me to look at how I don’t accept unconditionally.

How can I call myself a spiritual teacher and leader if I can’t even apply what I have learned into my daily life?

There is the money side and the fear linked to my LBs around lack. I don’t have 3,000 dollars. How do I replay you? What if I don’t attract anybody or take 5 years like you?

I am sorry for the long email. I just want to be honest and open.

Lots of love,

Dear Fabienne,

Let’s pretend we can remove the fear and doubt. With no fear or doubt, what you are left with is the feeling of excitement. That feeling is aligned with love; who you really are. Let’s add back in the fear. The fear brings up thoughts that are a vibrational match to what you are feeling. This is basic LOA at work. You have two emotions; love and fear. With out the love, you could not feel the excitement. Without the fear, you could not feel the doubt.

If you are a limitless being of love, then all that stops you from experiencing life as you intended is fear. Those fears are always false because they are based on limiting beliefs. We are not saying that the fears aren’t real, we are explaining that they are false fears and cannot negatively impact your life. Without the fear, you would live life as your authentic self because this would mean that you have processed all of your limiting beliefs. Then again, without the aspect of fear, this reality would serve no purpose. You might as well remain in the nonphysical if you want to avoid fear.

Love equals excitement. Fear equals doubt. You will always be in states of love and receive inspiration and ideas that feel exciting. You will always feel fear and receive doubt. However, in the new approach to life, the one that works with universal law, you can understand how the system works and realize the fear cannot stop you. You can push past fear to do what you are inspired to do. You can also remain limited. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you know too much already and so the effects of this limitation on the life you intended to live will continually cause inner conflict, stress and more intense manifestation events.

The time is right for you to begin the process to become the leader and a teacher you were born to be. Who are you to be a spiritual leader and teacher? You are Fabienne. You can move forward to discover what makes you right as a leader and a teacher. You can take the first step in front of you. You can have faith that you will evolve into your role as a spiritual leader and teacher. No one is born as the fullest expression of who they are. It is always a process and the process begins with the first step that’s always right in front of you.

The first step has been given to you. You can either take it and move forward in love or remain limited by fear. The choice is yours.

With our love,
We are Joshua