Dear Joshua,

As I practice the key to total happiness i.e. total acceptance of what is, I want to share something with you and ask your input.

My parents are over from France and as is common we often discuss political events. This is always enjoyable! We had a discussion on Hitler and WW2 last night linked to a rise in antisemitism being reported in the UK and France. As I am removed from the situation, I can just about accept what happened but I have to say that I struggle to accept what Hitler did as good and not wrong.

Can you please help me view this from your higher perspective?

With all my love,

Dear Fabienne,

While it is commendable to accept the small things as being good and right, humans tend to go straight for the big things. They seem to do this in order to prove that absolute acceptance is not the key to engaging universal energies and powers. They feel as if they must always be on alert for signs of imminent danger and they point to history as proof of their vulnerability. “If this happened before, then as victims, we must protect ourselves.” You are learning about the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. You can look at a lot of smaller things from the higher perspective. But when you look to the past, you see bad things and you feel fear. It is the fear that you are not the creator of your reality, but in fact, a victim of fate.

You place yourself in the shoes of those you call victims and you assert that what happened to them was wrong and that it should not have happened. You go a step further and you say that if it didn’t happen, the world would be a better place. From your limited perspective, not having all of the information, you perceive the event as wrong and you would correct it if possible. Luckily for us and all those involved, you cannot change what is.

You see the holocaust and you call it a great tragedy. It is recent enough in memory so that you have not gained much perspective over time. You perceive the loss of these innocent people as an absolute horror. You do not have all the information. You do not know what they experienced. You cannot know how it was for the benefit of all involved, including future generations. When you think about such things and your limited perspective causes you to dip into a lower emotional state of being, you do not have access to inspiration or insights. You do not have access to infinite intelligence. You simply attract urges to change conditions.

If you could see this and all such events from the higher perspective, another possibility might come to you. What if this specific series of events was orchestrated well in advance? What if all of the participants choose to experience the events from their own perspective? What if the idea was to bring more love into the world? The event increased the world’s capacity for love, it did not create more hatred. Because the event singled out a group of people and those people suffered greatly, other humans declared that it was now wrong to single out specific groups based on race, religion, creed or color. And so now that you are discussing anti-semitism, you do so with quiet reserve. That fear of other races is contained within a very, very small segment of your society. Compare it now to what was the prevailing sentiment just a few decades ago. In less than a century, mankind has move rapidly toward love and equality for all. That could not have happened without the events occurring just as they did.

With our love,
We are Joshua