Dear Joshua,

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing Joshua live last night. It was really amazing. Magical.

I have a question (if I may) stemming from some refection from your response. Sorry the blurb is a bit long but I hope you can bear with me. I remember asking you a question about 2 or 3 years ago about being the director of my life (as in the film Director of my life) and that everybody else is and you said that was true. So when you say that life is a game, it is effectively a bit like the game Zelda my boys play on their Nintendo Switch, except that if they die as a character they come back as themselves but if I Fabienne decides to revert back to nonphysical, I won’t be coming back as myself but as another human with a different body form and specific intentions. Is this correct?

So effectively everybody is in their own game (thinking we are all in ONE game). So sometimes a player (i.e my husband or my neighbour) might do something in my game but really the only thing he can do is help me expand by stopping and analysing my limiting beliefs around that specific event and proving it is false so that I can go up to the next level of the game. The same applies to him and everybody else. Because we are connected in this game, we always be connected.

There is no final level to this game and the awesome thing is that it is up to us to decide how we want the player to look, feel, do, say etc in the game or illusion that we call life. The game comes in and out of reality through my mind which means that I can relax and let people play their game and simply focus on playing mine by going for what really interests me and motivates me in particular in the game? Is this correct?

Many thanks in advance for your reply.
With all my love (and gratitude),

Dear Fabienne,

Yes, this reality is like a game. In this time, you are Fabienne. That is your character in the game. When you have finished playing the game with the character Fabienne, you will think about the game you have just played and this will give you an idea for a new game. You can do the Fabienne game again, if you like, but that will not be so interesting, because you have already played that game.

It would be like working on an intricate puzzle, figuring out where the pieces go, completing the puzzle and enjoying the finished puzzle for a while, and then taking it apart and detaching all the pieces, putting it back in the box, and putting the box away in the closet. Then you go back to that closet in which there are infinite puzzles to choose from. It is not likely that you would want to do the same puzzle over again. That would not be as interesting and exciting as trying a brand new puzzle. Perhaps the new puzzle is a bit more challenging.

You can complete the puzzle of Fabienne any way you like and while the other people in your life are certainly pieces of your puzzle (while you are pieces of their puzzles at the same time), those pieces have no way of determining how you put your puzzle together. They are simply pieces and while they can influence the way you choose to put together the puzzle, they have no actual control over the way you choose to do it. Some people like to start with the corner pieces first. Some like to fill in the edges. Some start with certain recognizable aspects of the puzzle, and other people turn the pieces over so that they cannot see the image. Some turn off the lights and do the puzzle in the dark. Some only work on small sections of the puzzle. But everyone completes their puzzle, whether that takes a hundred years or a single day.

There are always new puzzles to complete and new games to play and you happen to be fascinated with these games because they are so much fun.

With our love,
We are Joshua