Dear Joshua,

I hope you are very well? I just wanted to tell you how well I have been doing thanks to your teachings. I now fully realize that every time there is a manifestation in my life, it is there for me to grow and look at at my limiting beliefs and it simply is magical. I now fully believe that I am the director of the film that is my physical experience. I have however a little question and was wondering if you would mind answering it when you have time. I listen to your podcast regularly so I know that you are busy with your one to one programmes so I also understand you might not be able to.

Anyway – here it is: I have been meditating more regularly and when I meditate I feel so good and so connected to source energy. It’s a bliss. So I have started wondering why I (and to some of extent all human beings on this planet) have decided to come back from nonphysical which feels so wonderful and so amazing. Is it because my soul/the spiritual being within wanted to expand and learn through the manifestations? Or is it for the expansion of overall universal consciousness?

Finally, do we all decide what we want to achieve during this specific physical experience and then when we are done we go back to nonphysical? Is it all set before we come which explains our choice of family, country, etc? This would then explain why people die suddenly of a heart attack or in a car crash for example. Thanks very much for your help with helping me to gain clarity. I would love to understand this part much more. With all my love and all my gratitude for your insights and your shared knowledge. Finding you has changed my life!


Dear Fabienne,

What exists in the nonphysical is available to you in the physical. The feeling of bliss you enjoy is what we feel as well. So, you can see that the potential to feel just as good as we do is available to you. It is your attention to what is not wanted that causes you to feel something different than feeling good. But this negative feeling is necessary in a physical reality. It is your guidance.

You set intentions prior to your birth. Most of your intentions were general. You wanted to feel good, experience joy, follow your interests freely, and expand through experience. However, one or more of your intentions were more specific. You wanted to explore a specific aspect of physical reality. There was something you wanted to discover or experience in a new and unique way. So you chose your parents, your body, and the time and place of your birth. You knew these factors would launch you on a trajectory toward that which you came here to explore.

Your inner self is aware of your intentions and guides you to them every day. However, once you are here you can now decide to explore different things and you birth new desires. This is all taken into account and so your emotional guidance system lets you know when you’re going off your path. At any time you can decide you’ve had enough and you will make your transition through the path of least resistance. When you expand through experience you cause an expansion that benefits you and the entire universe.

All death is suicide in the fact that you ultimately choose when you are ready to make your transition. You are correct. When you have explored enough, you may choose to return to your nonphysical home. From there you will still be interested in physical reality and the people, places, and things that held your interest when you were physical will continue to be of interest to you. From your nonphysical vantage point you will become a supporter of all those who follow your interests, including family and friends.

You never lose anyone. Everyone you know is connected to you eternally. When someone you love has made their transition, they are available to you any time you think of them. You can and should communicate with them. They have transitioned into the pure positive loving essence of who they were when they were physical and they are there for you when you want or need them.

You are loved more than you could imagine and supported by more than you could ever count.

We are Joshua